Step 6:

this part is very IMPORTANT... to get an air tight seal use hot glue all round the hole and pen.
i made one out of a pill bottle and it shot very powerfully and rate of fire was about 30bbs per second. You can use a bottle of compressed air instead of just blowing although its more £$
just because of my name doesnt mean i oly do knex. I also do airsoft, nerf , wild survival traps etc
This Instructable uses the same principle as ours but we took it a step further. <br> <br>https://www.instructables.com/id/SAW-Armament-Tips-and-Tricks-Basic-gas-powered/
i made one of these but it wont shoot every pellet.
Air brush cartridges
You now how you can make it stronger? Use an air duster instead of blowing.
Air dusters can blow freezing air when you turn it upside down and press the trigger thing.
But, wil also use up the whole can of air in about 3 seconds
yeah i did that once
air compresser
how old r u you look like 10 in that video
this is the best homemade airsoft gun I ever seen I use it in airsoft wars and they all get out
yee it only goes like 50 feet wht kind of airsoft war are you having?
A 200-300 fps war
P.s people are making fun of your video and your gun!!!!
im 15 now but i was 12 when i made the vid
Lolz I'm only 8
I saw the video when i was 5 and i did not know wat was inscructables waz lol
I have an extreme version of this! I called them uzi straws I used to make them back in the sixth create and sell them for like 10 bucks!! I am so posting this idea. It is also an insane air soft backup weapon but only at close range. It works just like those automatic paintball blow guns if you ever see one. 60 BBs in a second!!!!<br />
sounds pretty cool, You should make an Instructable on it
wow sounds like good busnius (&nbsp;i cant spell ) but id like to see that full auto gun that shoots 60 in a sec. thx fer tha uzi idea :)
i made it it should be posted search uzi strawz
Hook up an air compressor.
I made something similar. It's cool, But not that powerful.
sweet i give u some tips----shorter blow barrel means more air, longer feed barrel= longer range, smaller container more power but less ammo, bigger container more ammo but less power its all in the way u make it an u have to no alot about them its not as simple as it looks but air tight is the key.<br/>
or you can hook it up to an air compressure for like twice the power an distance...just put the nozle of the compressure on the top straw it should fot perfect it adds another 100 feet for a total of 200 feet at 20-30 psi
just blow threw tha top pen az hard az u can and it will feed a constint streem of bbs threw the bottom pen
ill make a vid of my better one&gt; the one u see<sup>...i just need a new camara. on my high speed i shot 26 bbs in one second.&lt;updated july 5th&gt;</sup><br/>

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