Introduction: How to Make an Awsome Duct Tape Wallet

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 the supplies you need are duct tape, piece of clear plastic big enough to fit a credit card behind it, and scissors....... first cut two srips of duct tape about 7 in. long and place them together like so.

Step 1:

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then place another piece in top like this

Step 2:

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then another and then cover the edge.

Step 3:

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then cut the edges nice and straight.

Step 4:

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then on the edges cut a piece of duct tape long enough to cover the small edge and then fold over edge

Step 5:

then cut off the stuff stickingoff the edge

Step 6:

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then time to make the pocket. make two of them

Step 7:

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then attach it on there.

Step 8:

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then make another big piece just like the first. then to make the id pouch take your plastic piece do as the pic says

Step 9:

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then attach it on the other half.

Step 10:

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