Picture of how to make an awsome pumpkin!
you need: 1 large pumpkin , 1 red pepper and 1 green bean.

ok so first you draw 2 slanted triangles for the eyes. When ur happy with them cut them out with a sharp knife

Next u draw a mouth. The bigger the better.Add in some spiky teeth! When ur happy cut out.

Now when u have done all that get ur red pepper and cut a tounge. stick it inbetween the teeth. As i said the bigger the mouth is the better ur tounge will fit in!

After tat get ur green bean and slice 2 fine pieces ( ask an adult to help ). cut a small hole in the eyes and stick the slices of the green bean inside.

And there ya go an awsome pumpkin!!!!
pips02 (author) 1 year ago
tnks @1Dgirl @ 1Dbesto
1Dbesto1 year ago
wow really gud
1Dgirl1 year ago