Picture of how to make an electroscope easily
electroscope.normally made with thin gold plates and glass jar,rare for normal people and costly enough for a student to buy or not may be.but now i will show you how to make one from ordinary materials at cheap rate.but what is an electroscope?its a type of instrument used to measure electrical charge.it is a great tool for using and simple to operate tool for any lab.

if you like this project visit my profile:http://www.instructables.com/member/argha%20halder/ for more science projects.so lets start.

oh if any mistake forgive and help me correct.
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Step 1: The things you will need

Picture of the things you will need
the things needed can all be found at house.the things you will need are:
1)plastic or glass jar or cup that are transparent.(must be transparent)
2)aluminium foil small piece is enough.
3)1 paper clip.
4)cardboard piece small one.
5)a scissor
6)insulative tape or any tape 

Step 2:

Picture of
firstly take the paper clip and straighten it.if there is any insulation on it remove it using scissors.then bend one end of the paper clip into a shape like 'U'.

Step 3:

Picture of
now take the cardboard.unscrew the cap of the glass ar if any and then put its opening on the cardboard.using pencil mark the outline of the opening of the jar.now cut it using scissors.

Step 4:

Picture of
now mark the center of the cardboard circle.using a scissor make a small hole.

Step 5:

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now take the piece of aluminium foil and draw a small leave structure with fat as a penny lower end and on the upper end make it thinner.now cut two of these.make a hole at the top of both foils.

Step 6: Now making the collector

Picture of Now making the collector
now take the remaining aluminium foil and crumble and scrumble it into a nice round shape.

May I put aliminum foil in the same direction

can we use stample not paperclip?

argha halder (author)  ahmeteren.tekbas5 months ago
You could use anything that conducts electricity. So you could use staple, wire and anything that might conduct electricity. Hope it helps :)

Otherwise I will try to find it

can we use stample not paperclip?

naina.lath5 months ago

I did exactly how you said but my electroscope is not working!! please help!

argha halder (author)  naina.lath5 months ago
There might be a few things that could have gone wrong in your project while testing the electroscope what did you use? If you are using a comb make sure to rub it well on you r hair to produce a charge. Also make sure you are testing it on a humid day. The second thing is make sure the paper clip you are using is not insulated. If you can, then post a picture of your electroscope, then I might get a clue of any mistakes. Hope it helps.
RebeccaFTW6 months ago

I am making one right now!!! Looks awesome!

nice.........again excellent work.......congratulations as you are in foreign.........
argha halder (author)  Rajat Uppal1 year ago
thanks for your word!
artworker1 year ago
Beautifully expalined! I remember making such thing when I was in school! Good job!
argha halder (author)  artworker1 year ago
thanks for the comment!and great work you may have done in the schools!