How to Make an Iron Man Mark 1 Helmet





Introduction: How to Make an Iron Man Mark 1 Helmet

so for this project i needed to be a bit cheaper but it still looks really cool.

Step 1: Things You Will Need

well the list of item you should have around your house

1. card board lots of it
2. duct tape lots of it
3. spray paint optional
4. scissors
5. a pen
thats all

Step 2: Getting the Look

well go on the internet and find a pic or look at the mark 1 toy to work off of
you want to get the eyes the three holes in the mouth with pen once complete cut it out then
down below the pics will have some tips.

Step 3: Shaping It

well to get the shape just make the side taped to the front and tape every piece to the front
like put the right side piece on the right face and tape it according to your size this is
a technique that i found while building the prototype.

Step 4: Details

okay so we have our helmet shaped now cover it in duct tape once completed we need the
line in the middle its very easy just take a piece of long duct tape and fold it in half 3/4 quarters
of the way and then tape it on the we take our rustolium hammer finish spray paint and get the entire
thing painted once dried you have a mark 1 iron man helmet.

Step 5: Finished

well its done here are some pics and down below on the comments write if i should
do a tutorial of the whole suit hope this has helped.



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    This is awesome. Please do a tutorial for the suit!

    i will make better helmet than this its goofy and dirty eyes are too big

    all i can say is....tacky, i mean good idea but if you spent more time on cutting it out and stuff, it would look a ton better.

    thats cool for just house hold stuff,most ppl are mean on here and thats not cool,lets see some of you do something like this! jager

    Um, honestly... yeah... about that.... okay... really... INTERESTING and thats being nice...

    awesome dude that looks just like it

    thanks but it its kinda screwed but it cost no money to make

    if you can comment within 12 hours of today you will win as much money as comments you leave. do it!!!!

    and dood u r the maker of the instructable so y r u telling urself that ur suit is better? little weird

    and i do like your reactors and suit but that last comment kinda pissed me off. no offense.