How to Make an Very Cool Door Hanger





Introduction: How to Make an Very Cool Door Hanger

how to make a door hanger(like the one below). so what's so cool about this one uhm wel if you hang it upside down it doesn't say "come in" but it says "go away"!

Step 1: Downloading and Editing Template

first of all we need an template so right click on the template you like bellow and select "save image as..." give it an name and edit it so it looks like what you want or leave it as it is

Step 2: Print, Glue and Cut!

now lets print the image! print it at a 100% size, then glue it to some cardboard. and then when the glue is dry kut along the thin green lines. tada!!! here is you very own door hanger!



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    It's not as lame as it looks...

    It's an AMBIGRAM!

    Unfortunately the graphics don't work really well, but if you look carefully it says "Come In" when hung one way up, and "Go Away" when hung the other way up.

    It's unfortunate that this instructable doesn't make more of this feature.

    so, your teaching us to print stuff out on cardboard?

    No, silly. He's teaching us how to print stuff out, then glue it to cardboard.

    It's a pretty lame instructable.

    oh, duh! i like my idea better

    jup its a really lame Instructable, but I was bored, but I found this VERY expensive doorhanger, so I made my own very cheap one :P