how to make and solve a siamese rubik's cube (type B) , your going to need

2 rubik's cubes (you probably want to use cheap cubes for the first time)
strong glue
a clamp (optional)

i would recommend that you use the same colours as me for better understanding

also this relies heavily on pictures so look at all of them
there are a few long agorithms to learn

Step 1: Making the Siamese Cube

first take out the top row of 3 cubies from one of the cubes
to do this just turn the top face 45 degrees and dig something flat under the middle cubie and pry it of (pic 1) it may be quite hard but there extremly hard to break

take out the edge and the 2 corners next to them (pic 2)

this bits hard to explain

get the other cube, take out he same pieces but directly diagonally from the colour you did before

i took out the blue and orange 3 (pic 3) so oposite blue is in my case green and oppossite orange is red
so on the other cube i take out the red and green trio, if you still dont get it align the colours of both cubes (pic 4) and take out the cubies in the hole left by the 3 you've already taken out (pic 5)

if you dont get that then look somewhere else

Nice i'ble!<br>I made your cube and was inspired to make the kind in your first picture.<br>It's a little flimsy because I used cheap cubes and the modified centre edge is held together with superglue, but it works. Now I just need to find a solution.
wow! i can only just solve a normal Rubix Cube! i can't imagine trying one of these!
&nbsp;this rubiks cube scares me.... nice instructable though!
this is just amazing ! i never knew there are siamese rubix cubes !!!!
yay, now I finally have a use for those 2gen algs I've learned
oh my god! 0.o!!!<br/><br/>it's amazing, I'm gona do one just for prank my friendz!=D<br/><br/>ehawehawheawhe<br/>

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