How to Make Bo Shuriken





Introduction: How to Make Bo Shuriken

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ive been gone for a while and i took my insrtuctable with me

Step 1: Materials

you will need
pole barn nails
safety gogles (cause you dont wanna be like hitler)
a benche grinder

Step 2: Make the Nails Shuriken Shaped

grind off the head of the nail and sharten the tip the tip must be very slender

Step 3: Quench

remember to quench the nails in water every now and then to avoid damadge

Step 4: When You Are Done Grinding

it should look like this

Step 5: Make It Look Authentic

am an asian person so i take some pride (if any)in my shuriken
take your string and cut peices of equal lenghth i used 2 colors for more vivid patterns

Step 6: Start Wraping

put your newly cut string around the back of the shuriken and start to wrap it tight then knot it off when you are done

Step 7: And Your Finished

you hold them as shown making a groove with your fingers
for throwing information go to



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    Do you find the weight to be heavy enough? I don't know what a pole barn nail weighs. Most of the bo shuriken I've used from Japan are surprisingly heavier than you might imagine. Of course, those might have been for dealing with different armor / clothing / distances than you may need for these.

    FLATTEN THE HEAD!!! if you take a hammer to it, you can flatten the tip, to make it more like an arrow head. that way, you can stick it into wood, trees, walls, i've got mine to stick through a filing cabinet! the flattened tip acts like a wedge or arrow head.

    is an eight sided shurican real and is the shadow windmill real or is it just in naruto also can a shuriken be stopped by a well placed bb/airsoft round????

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    I have some real shuriken on the intar net and do you mean shadow shuriken because i have tried it and it succeded

    It really depends on the thrower and the make of the surikan.

    I don't think you would be able to shoot it, and even if you did you would problably just bounce off, but unloading steel pellet shells at it could stop it, especially the new winchester self-defense plate shooting round.

    1) naruto isnt real
    1.5) the 8 sided shurikens real

    2)I HIGHLY doubt it. if you were even accurate enough, the shuriken would cut the BB/pellet in half

    read the 4th and 5th down commented by me i know naruto isnt real.

    Yes 8 sided shuriken are real hell 12 sided shuriken are real I have some and you can make them so why not.

    Also it depends on the mass of the object being stopped compared to the object doing the stopping.
    When a 55 gram piece of flying metal lets say it has momentum of uhh....well 50 joules(that sounds right). makes contact with a .25 gram bb uhhh.. 1 joule at the most, going the opposite direction.
    Guess which one wins.

    In newtons third law it says, "For every action there is an equal and opposite reaction".
    that pretty much explains it. Sure the bb will have some effect on the heavy peice of metal with momentum but not much.

    but is a shadow windmill real or is it naruto made up also what about big shuriken?????

    naruto is made up. it is a fictional story whenever someone asks me a question about or pertaining to naruto it makes me want to headbutt a kitten.

    The one fact I know is that you cant throw a shuriken that is longer than your arm.

    my friend is real dumb i had a feeling about that and thank and yes when i think of him Speshal is 1 word that pops into my head and not the Good term.

    thank i had a feeling my friend was wrong.

    you can also just buy a 3/8 inch dowel and cut it into 7inch pieces...5 foot of dowel makes i think 8 7inch shuriken!!

    Just use some big steel rod that feels comfortable in your hand. Cut it to length and sharpen the end. Presto.

    If you have a collection of screw drivers you can use them like i did.

    I cannot say for sure how many there are. If I had to say I would say...a lot?