Introduction: How to Make Bo Shuriken

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ive been gone for a while and i took my insrtuctable with me

Step 1: Materials

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you will need
pole barn nails
safety gogles (cause you dont wanna be like hitler)
a benche grinder

Step 2: Make the Nails Shuriken Shaped

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grind off the head of the nail and sharten the tip the tip must be very slender

Step 3: Quench

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remember to quench the nails in water every now and then to avoid damadge

Step 4: When You Are Done Grinding

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it should look like this

Step 5: Make It Look Authentic

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am an asian person so i take some pride (if any)in my shuriken
take your string and cut peices of equal lenghth i used 2 colors for more vivid patterns

Step 6: Start Wraping

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put your newly cut string around the back of the shuriken and start to wrap it tight then knot it off when you are done

Step 7: And Your Finished

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you hold them as shown making a groove with your fingers
for throwing information go to


ghaines1 (author)2016-07-09

Do you find the weight to be heavy enough? I don't know what a pole barn nail weighs. Most of the bo shuriken I've used from Japan are surprisingly heavier than you might imagine. Of course, those might have been for dealing with different armor / clothing / distances than you may need for these.

David Ahlstrom (author)2011-11-24

FLATTEN THE HEAD!!! if you take a hammer to it, you can flatten the tip, to make it more like an arrow head. that way, you can stick it into wood, trees, walls, i've got mine to stick through a filing cabinet! the flattened tip acts like a wedge or arrow head.

MAVREV13 (author)2010-03-17

is an eight sided shurican real and is the shadow windmill real or is it just in naruto also can a shuriken be stopped by a well placed bb/airsoft round????

jordan c (author)MAVREV132011-10-29

I have some real shuriken on the intar net and do you mean shadow shuriken because i have tried it and it succeded

divinehex (author)MAVREV132011-01-08

It really depends on the thrower and the make of the surikan.

An Villain (author)MAVREV132010-05-21

I don't think you would be able to shoot it, and even if you did you would problably just bounce off, but unloading steel pellet shells at it could stop it, especially the new winchester self-defense plate shooting round.

cantbesaved (author)MAVREV132010-03-29

1) naruto isnt real
1.5) the 8 sided shurikens real

2)I HIGHLY doubt it. if you were even accurate enough, the shuriken would cut the BB/pellet in half

MAVREV13 (author)cantbesaved2010-03-29

read the 4th and 5th down commented by me i know naruto isnt real.

littlemog92 (author)MAVREV132010-03-18

Yes 8 sided shuriken are real hell 12 sided shuriken are real I have some and you can make them so why not.

Also it depends on the mass of the object being stopped compared to the object doing the stopping.
When a 55 gram piece of flying metal lets say it has momentum of uhh....well 50 joules(that sounds right). makes contact with a .25 gram bb uhhh.. 1 joule at the most, going the opposite direction.
Guess which one wins.

In newtons third law it says, "For every action there is an equal and opposite reaction".
that pretty much explains it. Sure the bb will have some effect on the heavy peice of metal with momentum but not much.

MAVREV13 (author)littlemog922010-03-19

but is a shadow windmill real or is it naruto made up also what about big shuriken?????

littlemog92 (author)MAVREV132010-03-19

naruto is made up. it is a fictional story whenever someone asks me a question about or pertaining to naruto it makes me want to headbutt a kitten.

The one fact I know is that you cant throw a shuriken that is longer than your arm.

MAVREV13 (author)littlemog922010-03-19

my friend is real dumb i had a feeling about that and thank and yes when i think of him Speshal is 1 word that pops into my head and not the Good term.

MAVREV13 (author)littlemog922010-03-19

thank i had a feeling my friend was wrong.

heavy.metal.nguyen (author)2009-04-29

I've looked around and I cannot find nails that big, can you recommend a buyer?

well home depot has some (if you live in the us)

J@50n (author)heavy.metal.nguyen2009-05-31

you can also just buy a 3/8 inch dowel and cut it into 7inch pieces...5 foot of dowel makes i think 8 7inch shuriken!!

this mans idea was really good try something like this

Just use some big steel rod that feels comfortable in your hand. Cut it to length and sharpen the end. Presto.

josefu0 (author)2010-06-08

If you have a collection of screw drivers you can use them like i did.

littlemog92 (author)2010-03-13

I cannot say for sure how many there are. If I had to say I would say...a lot?

K4nyix (author)2009-12-05

 Pretty cool...but (I've already done that) the strings can't actuallly well been hold (I don't now if youcan understand, but I mean "les ficelles ne peuvent au final pas vraiment être bien tenues"), to do it you need to do some "irregularities" at the non-sharpened end of the nail with the blench grinder to hold the wrapping.

Branman (author)2009-06-02

Nice instructable ;)

strmrnnr (author)2009-05-17

I will tell you the proper way to tie the flight strings on the rod. First lay the strings toward the pointed end. Make about a half dozen tight wraps, then fold the strings back to cover the first wraps and overhang the blunt end. Now continue to wrap the strings. It looks a lot neater and will never come off, unless you are really trying to take them off.

hulma (author)2009-02-08

not senbon

wizerd 745 (author)2008-05-04

THe "Hakuu Needles" are actualy called "Senbon Needles"!!!

littlemog92 (author)wizerd 7452008-05-09

uuhhh in the movies they are called senbom needles senbon needles is really more like a deadly attack i mean come on it actually means 1000 needles (yes thats right i speak some japanese cause im asianLOL) if you say the phrase "senbon needles" in english i would sound like this "i am going to throw one(1) one thousand(100) needles at you" so no they are not technically called senbon needles(tho i use the attack a lot) Oh and the reason i called them Hakku Needles is becaause the guy Hakku in Naruto used them and a lot of the common mans have watched naruto so when you want to dress up asd Hakku you immediatley know that this instructable teaches you to make something similar to the weapon "Hakku (from Naruto)" uses K.....

footer0 (author)littlemog922008-09-21

Isnt hakku a chick?

CrafterCassie (author)footer02009-01-10

No Haku is a guy. There was an episode where Naruto met him in the woods with his hair down, and kept calling him lady/sis'. When Haku told Naruto he was a guy, Naruto was like, "WHAAATTT??!! THIS GUY IS CUTER THAN SAKURA!!!" Any ways, the needles looks cooool. :)

wizerd 745 (author)littlemog922008-05-12

I knew why they called them hakku needles, i was just wrong on what it was actualy called, i gues.

littlemog92 (author)wizerd 7452008-05-15

ummmmm.........k............ if you say so....."cough cough"

♪Frog♫ (author)2008-06-11

...I don't know exactly how the tassle will affect flight. I throw shuriken with no-spin (negishi ryu) at least, I try. The way you hold it will prevent it from Not spinning. For longer shuriken, the tips of your fingers should be on the shuriken's point of balance, but for the nail shuriken I use, the base of the nail should be tucked in the middle of your palm, not on your wrist like that...

bujo0 (author)2008-03-18

your technique to throw them is wrong, that will make them spin thats how you throw a knife of something with out a tassle you need to flick it out from your waist like you throw a Hira-shurkien, just don't give it a spin, hold it in your hand between your thumb and your four finger, your four fingers should be together and the thumb should push the Bo-shurkien into them (point end point towards your pinky, then you just flick it out, the tassle then does what it supposed to

littlemog92 (author)bujo02008-05-09

when i throw them they go straight or if i want i can make them spin letting them spin gives them more range but really i just let them fly straight cause the max range of these are like what 15 ft

Cr3Ture0fTheNite (author)bujo02008-04-13

true enough. you dont even need the tassels technically; hold it like in step 7, but let it rest on your middle finger and cradle it with your pointer and ring finger. let the bottom of the bo-shuriken only come roughly halfway down your palm (about level with the thumb/hand knuckle), and fold your thumb over it to pin it down- you want the knuckle closest to your nail about centered on it. to throw, all you really need is to start with your arm raised above your throwing shoulder, and to bring your arm downward is as controlled an arc as possible, merely letting the shuriken SLIP through your fingers. distancing will vary depending on your power, so play around ... forgive me for not being perfectly explicit, but its impossible to explain a technique well in a comment. actually, i'd like to find the time to share whatever i know about throwing in an 'ible if i get a chance. i am fortunate enough to formally train in ninjutsu under a very well established dojo system- Long Island Ninjutsu Centers if anyone would be interested in legitimate, certified training. DOOOOO ITTTTTTT

kaiga (author)bujo02008-04-12

actually i throw no spin like that...

bujo0 (author)kaiga2008-04-12

hm, i've never been able to throw a dart like a knife and get it to not spin

would the nails they use in gutters work

browserbomb (author)2008-03-20

where did you get the nails

littlemog92 (author)browserbomb2008-03-24

from a Menards in the section where they sell nails and other things that can kill you if the y are poked sharply into the roof of your mouth(j/k j/k) can probably find them in any hardware store tho.

kerpaul (author)2008-02-18

apparently, there's supposed to be a way to throw it without making it spin. I found out a few ways, but I still can't get it perfectly (like maybe half spin or sumthin) :\ ah well ill keep trying

littlemog92 (author)kerpaul2008-02-19

i cant get it to fly straight for more than 15 feet but i suppose the longer the tasle you put the easier it will be plus you need proper technique

kerpaul (author)littlemog922008-02-20

yea i didnt find any pole barn nails lying around.. so i couldnt make ur design (srry) but i used a few other things i found (anything that vaguely resembled a barn nail) and tried it (still cant tassle the damn thing :P). its ok - ish, but i still think i should try ur way. also, i dont have very easy access to a bench grinder...i know i have a mini one around here somewhere.....

littlemog92 (author)kerpaul2008-02-22

you dont even necisarally need pole barn nails they are just easier to work with you can use an axle off of a oh i dont know wierd childs toy riding thing i look around mein room and see so many possibilites And as for the bench grinder thing when i was younger i took nails and scraped them in the street til they were sharp so i could throw them at birds and stuff.

kerpaul (author)littlemog922008-02-22

yea i thought of scraping them in the street but its covered in ice :| stupid canadian winters. lol btw, how evil was ur mind? to throw at birds? XD jks i would probably do the same, but with my BB rifle or a laser or something lol

littlemog92 (author)kerpaul2008-02-22

crap man you has bb gun at youth i had to make mine mine shot out batteries and small rocks i lost count of how many birds went down but i did it to hone my skills if i ever had any yup i sacraficed birds to get skills.

kerpaul (author)littlemog922008-02-25

lol ive done worse things to practice a skill....but anyway, yea i have not rly a bb gun, per se, its more of a rifle. lol and yea it shhots pellets / darts. lawl howd u get on to shoot batteries?

littlemog92 (author)kerpaul2008-02-27

i had a super soaker and a pvc tent put em together and they shoot led ballls and AAAs

kerpaul (author)littlemog922008-02-27

lol nice

kerpaul (author)littlemog922008-02-20

oh yea also, which direction would you swing your hand (does it even matter? o.0)like as in, to the right, left, etc.

espboy (author)2007-12-30

Is it just me? Or is that a kids hand holding the shuriken?

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