How to Make Brass Knuckless (out of Plastic and Duct Tape!!!)





Introduction: How to Make Brass Knuckless (out of Plastic and Duct Tape!!!)

a cheep and easy way to make knuckless out of plastic and tape

Step 1: Materials and Tools

what you need is:
4 plastic watter bottles
duct tape
hack saw
dremal tool

Step 2: Cut the Top of the Bottles

use the hack saw to cut the tops of the watter bottle off. then use the dremal tool to sand that little lip on the bottom off.

Step 3: Try Em on and Tape Em Together

now try the tops on, if there too tight then find bottles with bigger openings.

now tape them together with thin strips of tape.
make it nice and tight, its best when its tight (thats what he said lol)

Step 4: It Almost Done

it should look like this and its good enough, but if you want to add the bottom part get a bottle cap and place it between the knuckles and a penny roll and tape it together.

hope you kick ass with these,



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    Awesome Knuckles. I made mine and they look awesome. Nice instructible

    i make mine out of aluminum, but sometimes plastic or wood. here is a pretty decent pair i made a while back. also here are some acrylic ones for a good example.

    50th kux..jpgacrylic knuckleduster.jpg

    wow those are awesome

    The plastic one is cool!

    it is 1/2 inch thick acrylic and is just as effective as metal ones!

     I hope you all had these "brass knuckles" fitted to your fingers. If the sizes are off you can break your knuckles or worse.

    i made the aluminum ones custom fit, the acrylic ones are comfey too

     good haha. i knew a guy who bought brass knuckles at a pawn shop and he got into a fight with them and ruined his hand.