Introduction: How to Make Brass Knuckless (out of Plastic and Duct Tape!!!)

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a cheep and easy way to make knuckless out of plastic and tape

Step 1: Materials and Tools

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what you need is:
4 plastic watter bottles
duct tape
hack saw
dremal tool

Step 2: Cut the Top of the Bottles

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use the hack saw to cut the tops of the watter bottle off. then use the dremal tool to sand that little lip on the bottom off.

Step 3: Try Em on and Tape Em Together

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now try the tops on, if there too tight then find bottles with bigger openings.

now tape them together with thin strips of tape.
make it nice and tight, its best when its tight (thats what he said lol)

Step 4: It Almost Done

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it should look like this and its good enough, but if you want to add the bottom part get a bottle cap and place it between the knuckles and a penny roll and tape it together.

hope you kick ass with these,


break nose awesomness (author)2012-01-25

i used batteries instead of pennies

Maksim125 (author)2012-01-21

Awesome Knuckles. I made mine and they look awesome. Nice instructible

weaponscollector94 (author)2010-02-05

i make mine out of aluminum, but sometimes plastic or wood. here is a pretty decent pair i made a while back. also here are some acrylic ones for a good example.

wow those are awesome

The plastic one is cool!

it is 1/2 inch thick acrylic and is just as effective as metal ones!

 I hope you all had these "brass knuckles" fitted to your fingers. If the sizes are off you can break your knuckles or worse.

i made the aluminum ones custom fit, the acrylic ones are comfey too

 good haha. i knew a guy who bought brass knuckles at a pawn shop and he got into a fight with them and ruined his hand.

Screamo (author)2010-09-27


martialartsbrain (author)2010-05-28

good idea, can use in mixed martial arts

eggblacks200 (author)2009-08-23

this actually does work you just add lot more tape the more tape the more stronger it gets

DarkeJoey (author)2009-08-19

Are these things going to break your hand like a super cheap knuckle or.... what?

7777777777 (author)2009-06-09

where can i get a penny roll and do i keep the penny's inside??

svend (author)77777777772009-07-18

you can get them at a bank, or 99 cent store and other places and the why you fold the roll keeps them in, or you can use duct tape haha

stephenniall (author)2009-04-07

Should be called knuckledusters Lol of how to make Pvc Knuckles !

gmjhowe (author)2008-04-24

ok, nice idea, but really, i wouldnt use these in a fight. 1. duct tape doesnt like sweat, u dont want it falling apart midfight 2. plastic bottles can shred until excessive force - plastic splinters hurt alot 3. the damage you could inflict would be minimal 4. they would give you an extra beating just for pulling that thing out.

Camisado (author)gmjhowe2008-07-11

Yeah, You're right. If you get into a fight, and you pull out a 'weapon' that looks somewhat stupid and childish, they'll give you extra beating, and say, Hey kid, this is the real world, you ain't gonna win a fight with some toy or something like that. For example, When I'm still in the 6th grade ( I'm on the 8th now ) Me and my friends ( 4 guys altogether ) were forced to fight each other with weapons by the 10th grader bullies. I Brought my Bo staff, and the bullies didn't mock me. My second friend brought a Bokken ( Wood Katana ) And the bullies didn't mock him. My third friend brought a Slingshot, and the bullies didn't mock him. But my fourth friend, Brought a K'nex gun, and the bullies knocked him out just because of that.

mettaurlover (author)Camisado2008-09-09

was it big, or was it small? if it was HUGE, then they couldn't bully him because he could just shoot them in the groin REALLY hard or hit them with it.

Camisado (author)mettaurlover2008-09-10

I dunno, because I just don't care for K'nex. It's just a piece of toy gun to my eyes.

mettaurlover (author)Camisado2008-09-14

but it IS solid. and if used correctly, ANYTHING that is solid can hurt. Even a twinkie.

Camisado (author)mettaurlover2008-09-15

Yeah, but I just don't care for them.

mettaurlover (author)Camisado2008-09-15

i'm serious. a twinkie WILL hurt. especially if it's just been doused in gasoline and set on fire.

you have a point

the rest of the time, unless they're frozen, twinkies provide no physical threat.

Camisado (author)mettaurlover2008-09-16

OK, OK, whatever.

R4Man18 (author)Camisado2008-10-12

You sir should have realized that OH HEY we have weps but the bullies dont lets hit em!!!.

I agree. When in doubt, hit the enemy not your freind

what do you do freeze it? hmm, might be effective if frozen, and when thawed it makes an unhealthy snack

no; douse it in gasoline and set it on fire.


gmjhowe (author)Camisado2008-07-11

You know what the best weopen is though? running like hell, theres no shame in being able to outrun them, and theres no shame in running. It better than pain, or injury. that or you can pretend you kno kung fu.

Camisado (author)gmjhowe2008-07-11

Yeah, that's good IF you can outrun them and have a good plan to not get caught and get beaten up by the same bullies or gangstas the next day. As for the Kung-Fu thing, never work, never will.

bettor idea, actually know kung fu

dude, stand up to bullies man, the worst that can happen is you get beat up a bit. Still better than fighting your friends(when none of you want to that is, me and my friends fight eachother for fun quite a bit)

2cool4u (author)gmjhowe2008-09-25


jakezcop (author)2cool4u2008-10-28

use knuckedusters instead, and there ilegal so its beter...

R4Man18 (author)gmjhowe2008-10-12

for looks not use.

lobo_pal (author)2009-02-15

I disagree with the bottle tops, I can't fit them over my knuckles, and I'm sure others can't either. It's better to use pvc pipe.

wereling1 (author)2008-07-20

I agree with do_not_turn_off_the_power that kung fu and most martial arts will not save you, boxing and street fighting is the best forms of fighting. except I have seen a lot of kids claiming to be street fighters and they don't know anything, they just claim to know stuff and they don't. but what my opinion is that running away is not the best answer, some guy might have a gun, knife or even a boomerang and slow you down or kill you! the best way is to fight as long as you know how to, you're good at it, and your defense is as good as your offence. I do agree bringing a crappy weapon that looks not to threating is not a good idea unless you know how to use it or how to distract someone with it. for instance if you had a rock with a point on it you can hold it a certain way and hit someone on the side of their head. or if you had a peice of glass that was sharp you would have to hold it a certain way or put tape around it and mostly use it to cut the attackers arm when they try to stab you or punch you. I would not recommend stabbing them unless you stab then in a soft spot like the stomach or the groin. also I wouldn't suggest using a weapon unless you really have to. I mean I have brass knuckles and other weapons and I have never used them. although I have scared people with a boning knife but that was because their were a lot of them and I thought it would be funny and I thought it would scare them enough to leave me alone permanatly! but I would have taken with my fists. also the only martial arts that are at least decent enough to fight with is ju-do, because you can use the persons strength against them without getting hit.

my main problem is that the weapon im best with is impractical in most situations as it is a sword, a big knife oughta do though

wereling1 (author)2008-07-20

also, if someone does pull out brass knuckles it could indicate weakness in a person either that or a tough person, also someone with brass knuckles can be parried or even blocked if you do it right. the best thing to do is to know how to fight and to hit someone with brass knuckles at a good timing like when their punched is parried or when you dodged their punch. other good weapons are knives, guns, short stick, medium sized stick, physical weapons such as fists, elbows, the wrestlers punch which is where you use not really your palm but sort of if you looked at your wrist there's a ball shaped bone, palm, thumb, four arm, shoulder, knee and in some cases the shoulder blade, but you should never or hardly ever use your legs for kicking unless it's a low kick like where the bridge is, shin and knee, and in some cases the groin but even hitting the groin is dangerous unless you use a knee in close range or a kick that's a karate groin kick, never kick far away like most girls do when they try to kick the groin.

here is a move that might get 'em bring your neigh up as if to your going to neigh them in the groin and stamp on their foot, or actually neigh them in the groin and then stomp on their foot.

pennylanelovesthc (author)2009-01-21

for those like me who want them to be part of a costume this works swell :D

jayro707 (author)2008-04-27


svend (author)jayro7072008-04-28

well im far to poor to buy a real pair

andrew13 (author)svend2008-11-15

make some outta a cutting board.

extremegtafan (author)andrew132009-01-01

How are we gonna cut that?

Laszlo (author)2008-06-10

Beware, illegal in many places. e.g. felony to make/possess/buy/sell/etc. in California.

bigfootduck (author)Laszlo2008-06-13

what?! illegal in CA?! dang it!

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