How to Make Brass Knuckless (out of Plastic and Duct Tape!!!)


Introduction: How to Make Brass Knuckless (out of Plastic and Duct Tape!!!)

About: hi im svend

a cheep and easy way to make knuckless out of plastic and tape

Step 1: Materials and Tools

what you need is:
4 plastic watter bottles
duct tape
hack saw
dremal tool

Step 2: Cut the Top of the Bottles

use the hack saw to cut the tops of the watter bottle off. then use the dremal tool to sand that little lip on the bottom off.

Step 3: Try Em on and Tape Em Together

now try the tops on, if there too tight then find bottles with bigger openings.

now tape them together with thin strips of tape.
make it nice and tight, its best when its tight (thats what he said lol)

Step 4: It Almost Done

it should look like this and its good enough, but if you want to add the bottom part get a bottle cap and place it between the knuckles and a penny roll and tape it together.

hope you kick ass with these,



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    ok, nice idea, but really, i wouldnt use these in a fight. 1. duct tape doesnt like sweat, u dont want it falling apart midfight 2. plastic bottles can shred until excessive force - plastic splinters hurt alot 3. the damage you could inflict would be minimal 4. they would give you an extra beating just for pulling that thing out.

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    Yeah, You're right. If you get into a fight, and you pull out a 'weapon' that looks somewhat stupid and childish, they'll give you extra beating, and say, Hey kid, this is the real world, you ain't gonna win a fight with some toy or something like that. For example, When I'm still in the 6th grade ( I'm on the 8th now ) Me and my friends ( 4 guys altogether ) were forced to fight each other with weapons by the 10th grader bullies. I Brought my Bo staff, and the bullies didn't mock me. My second friend brought a Bokken ( Wood Katana ) And the bullies didn't mock him. My third friend brought a Slingshot, and the bullies didn't mock him. But my fourth friend, Brought a K'nex gun, and the bullies knocked him out just because of that.

    Bringing a K'nex gun to a real fight? I'm surprised his friends, whose back he was supposed to have, didn't beat the crap out of him first for that.

    was it big, or was it small? if it was HUGE, then they couldn't bully him because he could just shoot them in the groin REALLY hard or hit them with it.

    I dunno, because I just don't care for K'nex. It's just a piece of toy gun to my eyes.

    but it IS solid. and if used correctly, ANYTHING that is solid can hurt. Even a twinkie.

    Yeah, but I just don't care for them.

    i'm serious. a twinkie WILL hurt. especially if it's just been doused in gasoline and set on fire.

    the rest of the time, unless they're frozen, twinkies provide no physical threat.

    OK, OK, whatever.

    You sir should have realized that OH HEY we have weps but the bullies dont lets hit em!!!.

    what do you do freeze it? hmm, might be effective if frozen, and when thawed it makes an unhealthy snack

    no; douse it in gasoline and set it on fire.

    You know what the best weopen is though? running like hell, theres no shame in being able to outrun them, and theres no shame in running. It better than pain, or injury. that or you can pretend you kno kung fu.

    Yeah, that's good IF you can outrun them and have a good plan to not get caught and get beaten up by the same bullies or gangstas the next day. As for the Kung-Fu thing, never work, never will.

    dude, stand up to bullies man, the worst that can happen is you get beat up a bit. Still better than fighting your friends(when none of you want to that is, me and my friends fight eachother for fun quite a bit)