Step 6: Chocolate curls

Picture of chocolate curls
To make chocolate curls, find a smooth baking or cookie sheet and turn it upside down.

Take tempered chocolate and pour over upturned baking sheet. Using an icing knife spread chocolate evenly over baking sheet, about 6mm (1/4") thick.

Let chocolate cool for a few minutes at room temperature, do not artificially cool (fridge/freezer). When chocolate has cooled, take icing knife at 45o angle and scrape chocolate from baking sheet. If chocolate crumbles and does not curl the chocolate has become too cold and needs to be reapplied to baking sheet. If chocolate smears along baking sheet then it is too warm and needs to cool slightly before attempting.

Gently apply pressure to baking sheet and use smooth fluid movements to create chocolate curls. Not all scrapes will produce perfect curls, patience is key. Any undesirable curls can be placed back into bain-maire for remelting.

Place curls onto wax or parchment paper.

Wouldn't it be easier to get curls by just using a sharp knife to shave a bar(or brick) of chocolate? As for the shapes, the more artistically minded can add details with white chocolate and maybe adding food coloring to some of the white chocolate.