you need: 5 fake nails, black nail polish, white nail polish,silver nail art, and a black nail art pen.

Step 1: Step One

take you black nail polish and on the fake nails paint alittle more than half of the nail. curve it so the empty section looks like a circle. make sure the nails look the same 

Step 2: Step Two

with the white nail polish fill in the empty circle on each nail.

Step 3: Step Three

with the silver nail art polish your going to outline the edge where the black and the white polish meet.

Step 4: Step Four

with the black nail art pen, draw on the numbers like a clock would have. on the first nail draw on the minute hand pointing at the 12, second nail minute hand pointing at the 1, hour hand pointing at the 12, third nail minute hand pointing at the 2, hour hand pointing at the 12, and so on.  and your finished. i animated so it looks cool 

Step 5: The Finished Product

<p>That is really cute and creative</p>
super cool!
The video is pretty cool, even though it is so short. Remind me to show you how to embed your video.
Really cute idea for nail decorating :)

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