how to make a sweet mini-ramp and some sweet rollerblades

Step 1: The Things You Need

you need a printer, hard construction paper, basic internet connection, scissors, and (reccomended) fast drying glue

Step 2: Go to This Site

to get the printouts for your blades and ramp go to this site then click on download the pdf and print it out on hard paper please watch the vid it is helpful and unless you can read in french you may want to read more

Step 3: Put It Together

Ok so if you see a line with a dot following it fold it towards you if you see just a bunch of dots then fold it away from you

Step 4: The Ramp

do the same thing you did with the skates except do it with the ramp you cut out

Step 5: Excellent!!

go play with it and have some fun PARTY TIME EXCELLENT!! WOOWOOWOO
Can u sub to me because i subed to u and i sk8

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