How to Make Decisions





Introduction: How to Make Decisions

Sometimes decisions are hard to make, some easy . So I Hope I will be helpfull to ya'll!

Step 1: You Can Start by Learning More About Your Choices

Find out what you need to know and what you personally might want to know;like if you are going to a new school find out about sports, subjects, ext:

Step 2: Make a List of Pro's and Con's!

I find this most helpful during decision making ,and can make the right choice obvious.

Step 3: If Its a Small Decision You Can Flip a Coin, Play Rock Paper Scissors or Just Choose a Random One Out of a Hat! ●But Try to Make the Decision So That You Can Wake Up the Next Morning Pleased With Your Choice●

Hope I helped! Please like and comment on any improvments I could make!Thanks for reading !



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    Sometimes I flip a coin, and know what one I want to go with because I am not happy with the decision the coin has made.