How to Make Eye Liner Out of Colored Pencils





Introduction: How to Make Eye Liner Out of Colored Pencils

Do you want colorful eye liners for like two dollars? well now you can have them in just three easy steps!

Step 1: Step One What You Need

What You Need

  1. non toxic colored pencils
  2. hot water
  3. a cup

Step 2: Step Two

Pour the hot water in the cup. Make sure the water is not to hot. Also maker sure the colored pencils are not to sharp. Put the colored pencils in the water sharpened side in the water. Wait five minutes.

Step 3: Step Three

After the five minutes are up rub the colored pencils on your arm to make sure they work.Then enjoy your new colored pencils! P.S. they only work for a couple of hours and you can also use them as lip liner.



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    This seems like a good idea but I have a question, I think I'm allergic to makeup do you think this will cause me to react to the colored pencils too??

    Very clever idea!