How to Make Fake Poop Pranks !!!





Introduction: How to Make Fake Poop Pranks !!!

I teach you how to make this epic prank you have fun with your family and friends!

Step 1:

Step 2: Started Mixing Water and Pet Food.

Step 3: Add Paint to Achieve the Desired Color and Mix Well.

Step 4: We Fill a Plastic Bag With Our Mix As a Pastry Bag.

Step 5: Cut the Tip of the Plastic Bag With Scissors (according to the Thickness We Want to Leave Our Fake Poop)

Step 6: Finally, Pressed the Plastic Bag to Leave the Mixture and Form Our Fake Poop.

Step 7:



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    Oooh this looks very gross. It would be funny as long as someone didn't do it to me! LOL

    Awesome! Fake cookie reminds me of Bill Murray in Ground Hog Day where he picks up the PayDay candy bar on bottom of pool and eats it.

    Hi, thanks for commenting!

    Very convincing. I could hey the dog in a lot of trouble with this.

    Hi, thanks for commenting!

    Edible poo cookies would be a good future project... with nuts

    Hi, thanks for commenting! Your idea is very good !!!