How to Make Fake Snow





Introduction: How to Make Fake Snow

simple way to make snow in 1 minute to get the snow you have to buy it i got mine at rc country

Step 1: Puting the Smow In

follow picks

Step 2: Add Water

add water

Step 3: Done

now make a whole bunch and have fun
 i got pick at images under fake snow



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    isn't that the same stuff that they use in baby diapers for absorbing "liquids" ?

    You are essentially advising that we buy fake snow and follow the instruction "add water".
    Could you name the product or point to similar?


    the name is junor genius blast of science

    More than snow then?

    Using their own "lab," children will:

    • make colored water and use a color wheel to make even more colors
    • grow colored crystals and make a Rainbow Tube
    • grow Insta-Snow and even colored snow
    • grow Garbled Marbles from small beads and then sort them by color using the included sorting/mixing tray
    • ...and much more!


    Whatever you do, don't make like 30 gallons of this and put it on your lawn for a "snow party." Instead of melting, it gets slimy and icky and sticks around for a long time, and you can't figure out what to do with it (no, NOT down the drains!)

    kinda missing alot of information here. like 90% of the text.
    ie: what u udes precicely, where u got it, what it is, what you are oding in each pic.. etc etc..