Introduction: How to Make Fire With a 9volt Battery and Very Fine Steel Wool

i show you how to make fire with easy stuff

Step 1: Materials

get some steel wool and a 9 volt battery you know the square kind and put those aside

Step 2: Outside

go outside because this is dangerous =)

Step 3: The Fun Part! =)

take your battery and rub it up and down on the steel wool

Step 4: Kindle

quickly take some kindle from somewhere and put it on the burning part of the steel wool

Step 5: Wood

get wood and start making a fire THE END


OrIsIt made it! (author)2011-10-05

Will it ruin the battery?

riku-riku-chan made it! (author)2009-01-21

me neither... but i was some years ago... we thunked it up on our owns, so you aren't liable!

riku-riku-chan made it! (author)2008-12-09

My lab partner and I did this during science class in highschool... then we tried to explain to the sub why we were making fire instead of testing water for ph like we were supposed to be...

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