Picture of how to make green fire!!!
this instructable will show you how to make green fire by mixing 2 simple ingrediants.
these ingredients are poisonous if inhaled or ingested so be careful.

Step 1: Materials

Picture of materials
you will need:

Boric Acid-it is commonly sold as roach killer (we found some at lowes)
"Heet" Anti-Freeze(wal-mart)
a disposable cup or can for mixing chemicals
something to stir with (something disposable)
and a low metal bowl (a small metal dog bowl or a bowl like the one in the pictures)
ekbruster3 years ago
You ever try putting this in a tiki torch? using a wick?
bbryant-13 years ago
How long does it burn for?
macgyver2012 (author)  bbryant-13 years ago
depends how much you put in there, the more you put in the longer it lasts. but a 1/2 cup of this solution will burn from around 20 to 30 minutes. hope that gives u an idea of how long it burns.
cool thanks :)
joe.esq14 years ago
Have you tried to make diff colors?
macgyver2012 (author)  joe.esq14 years ago
no, but i have looked into how to make different colors. here are some compounds and the color they burn.

red-lithium chloride and strontium chloride

orange-calcium chloride (a bleaching powder)


green-copper sulfate or boric acid

blue-copper sulfate and most alcohols

purple-potassium chloride

I don't mean to mess up your instructable but I think its easier to throw some copper wires on whatever fire you make, I mean, you can't use this mixture everywhere!

Plus, be carefull if you use magnesium as it burns at really high temperatures, you could burn a hole on the table, and the flame is REALLY bright, don't look directly at it!

But nice instructable anyway, I didn't know boric acid creates green flames!
macgyver2012 (author)  art.z4 years ago
no, i don't think that would be easier. first of all that is a waste of copper wire and copper is expensive and second of all you can't use ur idea everywhere either, who carries copper wire on them everywhere they go. but i respect ur opinion
and i thank u for ur comment, i appreciate it.
Oh, I'm not saying that people carry copper wires everywhere.
I meant that you can only use this in a bowl, but with copper you can even throw it at a bonfire to create a nice effect!
macgyver2012 (author)  art.z4 years ago
yeah i've seen people do it that way to, well either way works.