Step 3: Add oil

Picture of add oil
Now, once the wax has completely melted, add oil at a rate of about 1:2.5 (wax:oil). you can add more, but it might not set. but if you don't put enough in it won't be very slippery. experiment. if you want color, don't use food dyes, use colored candles in the mix.
Scucato4 years ago
Add carbonate of calcium for the due consistency.
sk8rforlife4 years ago
Cant you just do half oil and half wax
the_mad_man (author)  sk8rforlife4 years ago
If you want, I'm not stopping you.
LuciferGaap6 years ago
amazing. I made some with guess measurements and it worked perfectly. I had to improvise what I used as a mould and as the "metal" container. either way it worked perfectly and I can't wait to impress my friends.