Step 3: Add Oil

Now, once the wax has completely melted, add oil at a rate of about 1:2.5 (wax:oil). you can add more, but it might not set. but if you don't put enough in it won't be very slippery. experiment. if you want color, don't use food dyes, use colored candles in the mix.
ive made it with wax, a crayon, cooking oil and vasilene before(no measuring or weighing) and it came out great. i like the idea of putting it into cupcake papers. i might make loads and sell it at my local skatepark
i used tin foil i place of the altoids ti to melt teh wax atefr sum wax cooled on te bottom it be came stiff still tis is cool
english, please
thats what i think when i scroll through my facebook page
thank you for this it really work this stuff is awsome i tried crayons it took longer than i thought but it worked thanks again!
im gonna make this and sell it <br>
you can just put it in the freezer to cool
it will shrink, and might crack.
no way.<br>i put them in for two hours as soon as their lukewarm<br>
thanks this is an awsome ible i made some red one's with my mums old candles.<br><br>i used a baked bean tin and saucepan for mass production
just a note about my experience w/ this years ago...<br><br>A phone conversation w/ my dad-<br><br>Me: &quot;Yeah Dad, I'm making skate wax in our oven&quot;<br>Dad: &quot;You're melting candles?&quot;<br>Me: &quot;Yeah. It's awesome, I'm making a lot so we can wax up the curbs!!&quot;<br>Dad: &quot;They might have paraffin, make sure you don't get them too hot. They'll catch on fire.&quot;<br><br>/me looks at oven, no oven light on... yet I see a spot inside... that's kinda lit well...<br><br>Me: &quot;GOTTA GO DAD, LOVE YOU!!!&quot;<br>
Add carbonate of calcium for the due consistency.
Cant you just do half oil and half wax
If you want, I'm not stopping you.
holy **** that is a lot of money for wax<br />
made my first batch works great
would using a straight colour candle mess it up? and would a mix of coloured candles also be okay?<br />
should be fine with whatever color you use. just don't use the metallic colors (gold, silver) because they tend to just make flakes that sink to the bottom of the wax and look horrible.<br />
You can use regular cooking oil too. It's great for sticking in pivot cups and coating bushings to reduce noises. Also, you can coat the board where wheelbite occurs to reduce the sudden stopping force that throws you forward. It wont be full-proof but it will help a bit. I made mine with 1:3.
amazing. I made some with guess measurements and it worked perfectly. I had to improvise what I used as a mould and as the "metal" container. either way it worked perfectly and I can't wait to impress my friends.
umm resees greasys
nice it works well thanks make sure peolpe dont try and eat them :)
Hmmmmm....... those sure do look like white chocolate reeses candies... mmmm.
but i don't think they'd taste the same...

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