Introduction: How to Make Guitar Hero 3 Better!!

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lets do this

Step 1: First

ok this insructable will show you how to make guitar hero 3 even better!

what r we doin? we r going to turn the sound of the crowd all the way down and we r goin to turn the noise from the drums,singer,and the bass down also.To make it sound like only the guitar is thar and it makes the song sound cool if it is only the guitar.

enjoy :)

Step 2: You Need...

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first you need theese need a guitar hero game2.a guitar hero guitar controller or a controller.

Step 3: Start

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ok first start the game im useing gh 3(guitar hero 3 legends of rock.)and then at the main screen press options.

Step 4: Go To

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after you press options press adio then make all BUT GUITAR to zero.

Step 5: Done

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and then your done please leave coments. and dont forget to rate! :)


rockadio101 (author)2011-03-07

thanks :)

zazenergy (author)2011-03-01

Simple and straightforward! Thanks for sharing.

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