How to make lollipops

Picture of how to make lollipops
 so my sister had to make lollipops for a experiment for school, i thought it would be a good idea to post a instructable about it

besides lollipops are awsome 
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Step 1: Items you will need!

Picture of items you will need!
corn syrup or light corn syrup
cream of tartar 
flavoring of your choice
food coloring (optional)
citric acid (optional)
nonstick sauce pan
wooden spoon
lollipop mold (must be metal)
lollipop sticks
candy thermometer
pastry brush
cooking spray (crisco/pam)
parchment paper
marble slab (cookie sheet will work just as good)
plastic wrap or cellophane wrap (optional)
cellophane tape,twist ties or ribbon (optional)
candy funnel (optional but useful)
measuring cups 

Step 2: Preparing

Picture of preparing
 1.get your cookie sheet or marble slab and place upside down be sure to wrap the desired flat surface with parchment paper
2. spray the candy funnel with the pam/crisco so the candy does not stick to it 
3. also spray the molds with the pam/crisco 
4.fill a cup with warm water and place the pastry brush in it

Step 3: Starting the candy mixture

Picture of starting the candy mixture
1.take the sauce pan on medium heat and add in 1/2 cup of water, 1/3 cup corn syrup, 1 cup of sugar and 1/4 teaspoon cream of tartar
2.stir this mixture until the sugar crystals dissolve 
3.begin to stir again and wipe the edges with the pastry brush in warm water (this stops the crystallization process from ruining your AWSOME lollipops) 
4.when the mixture begins to boil stop stirring and place the candy thermometer into the boiling mixture (DO NOT let the thermometer to touch the bottom or sides)
5.once the thermometer reads 300 degrees or hard candy crack immediately take the pan off the stove and let cool to about 275 degrees add the 1/4 to 1 teaspoon of flavoring, 2 or 3 drops of food coloring and 1 to 2 teaspoon of citric acid (add maybe a little more citric acid if you want them sour or add less to make them sweeter)

would cirtric acid make them sour? mm..sour..
PS cool 'ible
doomsdayltd (author)  AussieAnglerGal2 years ago
depends on how much you put into them, just enough makes it not to sweet and not overpowering of corn syrup
what could you use as a substitue for corn syrup?
i still can't find it over here
doomsdayltd (author)  AussieAnglerGal2 years ago
well not that i believe, corn syrup is quite a peculiar substance, boils like water, pours like a semi-non Newtonian fluid, and is sweet to taste. but i say check walmart (even if they are made by satan) you can find this stuff always in a walmart or a publix if you live in the south (unless you live up north, then i suggest meijer or kroger you can find it their too)
thanks but i live in Australia so its impossible to find anywhere
doomsdayltd (author)  AussieAnglerGal2 years ago
oh..........assumption got the best of me, but yea really. Apparently in Australia corn syrup is frowned upon in stores (sarcasm) well my advice is then check the internet see what ever stores are near you and can carry the product if they aren't.
thanks, i think glucose syrup is similar :D
doomsdayltd (author)  AussieAnglerGal2 years ago
that or if you can find agave nectar
lam3 years ago
Thanks your posting.Could you tell me :
-Cream of tartar , it use for what.
Thanks again.
doomsdayltd (author)  lam3 years ago
its been a while since i've made these, the cream of tar tar is used for either aid in coloring or consistency.
socalcovey4 years ago

So where can I get the metal molds?

You can also use tempered plastic molds made specifically for hard candy. Much cheaper !!!
doomsdayltd (author)  socalcovey4 years ago
usually at a hobby world, off the internet, or a store specializing in cookware
Okeekat4 years ago
Does anyone know where to buy citric acid? I've checked craft shops, but haven't found it yet?
koreg Okeekat4 years ago
healthfood store bulk herb sections is where I have bought it in the past.
doomsdayltd (author)  Okeekat4 years ago
i found mine at micheals but you can order them on the internet if your having serious trouble finding them, hell i found some in a publix before!
Well, 'duh' to me! I'll check Publix. Never thought of that. Thank you! If not there I'll ASK next time I go to Michael's.
doomsdayltd (author)  Okeekat4 years ago
well i hope you find it because i know it was a pain for me to find it
these look like lots of fun to make with your kids, as long as they don't let you burn your fingers:)
Has anyone ever tried making a BBQ sauce, hot sauce, bacon, etc. -flavored lollipops? I'm interested in making a gift basket for the stranger tastes of people.
doomsdayltd (author)  javajunkie19765 years ago
 no not that im aware of but if you can find concentrates or flavoring of those unusual flavors i guess it will work.   :O  
Nice and simple.  I like it.

You can make dual colored lollipops by pouring in a little bit of one color and letting it cool slightly, and then pouring in the next color.  You can use this to make two sides or small dots of color in a larger color.
doomsdayltd (author)  atombomb19455 years ago
 hmm i never thought of that i should test that some time