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this is one of iranian's favorite pastries,known as masghati (mas-qa-ti)

which im gonna translate it for you guys right here!

suprise your iranian friends with making this :)

needed items

starch :   half of  a glass

sugar:     one & a half glass

Water:     one glass

gelatin:   two tablespoons

rosewater: one glass                                                (you can buy it from iranian markets or arabian or etc)

jelly powder: 3tablespoons                                     (add your favorite jelly powder for your favorite taste)

vanilin: a little

dissolve starch in water,then add sugar and rosewater to it, after that,add gelatin & jelly powder to it and mix it well until all of it dissolves properly

when its ready, put it on flame, keep blending until the solution starts to become thick.

let it boil for a few minutes so it will get baked.

after that pour it in a dish and put it in refrigrator.

after a few hours,bring it out, cut it in this form (pic 2)

roll it in coconut powder.

its ready!!   try it :p

the picture was taken at               21/12/2013

in yalda night which is the latest night in year (we celebrate it )


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