How to Make Music Note Charm




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Introduction: How to Make Music Note Charm

Step 1: Materials Needed:

- the loom

- black bands

- pick

- S clip

Step 2: Starting Off

get two black bands and put them on from the middle to the left then to the middle up 1 and then the same to the right then do it again to form a hexagon shape.

Step 3: Stalk

then go up 6 times with 2 bands each time. when you've done that put on a double cap band.

Step 4: The Looming

now turn it around and start looming all the way to we're you started.

Step 5: Stabilizing Band

now get your pick and go through all of the bands on the peg that you first started on. put a black band on it then pull it out that will form a tightened stabilizing band.

Step 6: Finishing Off

now just take off al of the bands and loosen it up and there's your music note



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Hello i was having difficulty trying to figure out why it wasn't turning into a music note please help me!?

3 replies

Where did you start from

Did you put two bands on each time and remember the cap bands

good idea

Good idea I hang them on my dream catcher