How to make my ultimate hot and sweet chilli garlic ginger jam

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I am slightly addicted to chilli and eat it on as many foods as possible.  This is a spicy and sweet chilli jam with garlic and ginger.  I think it has a bit of a spicy kick but it is not mouth burning, and you can still taste all the individual flavours.  You can make it less hot by deseeding or using a milder chilli.  I hope you enjoy. This makes a great gift - especially good for the Christmas/holiday season :) I love this sauce on noodles or rice dishes - but it's also great in a cheese sandwich! It's also good to add into pasta sauces or stews while cooking to add a little chilli hit to your recipes. 


225g chilli peppers (I used small green Thai/finger chillies but any would work - you can de-seed them if you want but I did not as wanted the extra heat)
400g red/bell pepper - cleaned, deseeded and roughly chopped
600g onion - chopped
400g tin chopped tomatoes
1.5kg sugar
750ml white/red wine vinegar (cider vinegar is also good)
50g ginger
1 head garlic - cloves peeled
1 tbs sea salt

preparation time: 20 minutes
cooking time:  45-60 minutes (depending on pan size/heat)

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Step 1: Prepare your veg

Picture of prepare your veg
  • clean your peppers and chillies well and destalk the chillies - you may want to wear rubber gloves while doing this to protect your hands - and remember don't touch any sensitive body parts after handling chillies!!!!!!
  • add the cleaned and prepared chillies, peppers, onions, garlic and ginger to a large pan with the vinegar and salt and blend with a hand blender (or in an electric blender before putting in the pan if you don't have one) until well mixed together - keep your eyes out of the way as any splashes would be very painful!

Step 2: Boil the jam

Picture of boil the jam
  • add the sugar, stir with a wooden spoon and bring to a rolling boil for about 45-60 minutes until thickened and the wooden spoon leaves a trail when stirred in the bottom on the pan
  • skim off any 'scum' that rises to the surface


Ranie-K1 year ago
Great photos!
Thanks very much :D