Step 8: Final photos + comments

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I really do like this more than most polish I've bought! The polish I made from eyeshadow is really matte and shimmery, and it dries quicker than normal polish as well.

The glitter polish turned out great as well - just make sure to do a clear top coat over it because craft glitter can be a little chunky. You don't want the glitter snagging on your clothes/hair/pets/whatever. :D

Now we'll have to see how long it lasts! I ended up doing a base coat of the purple polish I made, covering that with the gold glitter polish, and topping that with a clear top coat. I'll report back! It's held up well so far and I've had a hot shower and washed a load of dishes since yesterday.

POLISH UPDATE: It ended up lasting four days, which is not bad for cheapy nail polish. I think I could have worn it longer - I only had one tiny chip on my right hand! Came off pretty easy too, but the glitter is always tricky. :)

COMMENT UPDATE: A few of you have suggested putting either a bb or a glass bead into the bottle to help the polish get mixed. I'm going to do this myself and I think anyone who tries this should do it too. I hadn't thought of it! :D
kittykat13 months ago

WAW! Thank You sooooo much I saved the trouble of my great expense and I am gonna make it with my friends to let them save less money and have GREAT quality like you and I

kreborn19975 months ago

I use cheap nail polish all the time, it works very well for me.

GummiBear2 years ago
I never thought of doing that! What a brilliant idea!
This is WONDERFUL! I can't wait to try it.
munakuppi3 years ago
To make the glitter smaller one can chop it with a kitchenknife. Make a small pile on a cuttingboard and run a knife over it with a wagging motion like a scisor, not chopping or u have glitter all over the kitchen.
another thing you might want to try if your after a smaller glitter is to use automotive glitter/flake as its more of a dust than a grain. it also comes in more colours.

something like this

Sounds great!
My nail polish is always destroyd after washing dishes :(
A good base coat and top coat are helpful with this. Even cheap nail polish can last lots longer when you use a good base coat and top coat!
problem is the top coat doesn't work for me.
When I use topcoat, it chips even faster...
What top coat are you using? It might be worth it to try a new one. I'm really partial to quick-dry topcoats, but they range in price from fairly cheap to REALLY expensive. My three go-to top coats are Seche Vite (Around $8-10), Sally Hansen Insta-Dri Anti-chip top coat ($4-5, if I remember correctly), and ProFX Quick Dry High Gloss top coat ($5 at WalMart for a HUGE bottle).

Sally Hansen Insta-Dri doesn't smooth things out quite as nicely as the other two, but it's fantastic. The other two are wonderful at smoothing out bumpy nail art or rough glitters. All of them dry your nail polish to the touch within around a minute, and I wouldn't be able to actually wear nail polish without them.
bronchitis3 years ago
Practice makes perfect. Since my wife has been pregnant I've perfected my technique for painting nails. The trick I've found to be most important is the amount of paint on your brush. Prepping your nails is pretty crucial as well.
bgroves3 years ago
should get some tiny bb balls and put em in after awhile you won't be able to shake the polish well enough without them