How to Make Paper Sandals





Introduction: How to Make Paper Sandals

foldable paper sandals 2 times more portable!:)

Step 1: Get to Pieces of A4 Paper and Fold Them in Half Like So

take 2 pieces of paper and fold it in half landscape way.

Step 2: Then Fold It in Half Again (about the Width of Your Foot).

fold it in half about the width of your foot

Step 3: Reverse Fold

reverse fold the fold you just made.

Step 4: Straps

take another piece of paper and fold it landscape way and cut it in half.and then you wanna fold it in half again

Step 5: Sticking the Straps

stick the straps like so

Step 6: Tape

tape your sandals if it's to flimsy. tape it 1 on the top,1 on the bottom and 1 on the left and right

Step 7: Tips

if your foot is longer than a a4 paper extend it with a another piece of paper, you can always color it if you want to, if the back is dirty take another piece of paper and mesure it and tape it and last but not least you can fld your sandals in half for more portability.

Step 8: Care Tips

don't use it on the outdoors ( best if you use them in yout house), don't run with them and don't use them too hard ( this can cause paper riping).



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    awesome I used to make paper shoes when I was younger XD

    thank you mantis, i'm glad you like it, lets follow each other, i play minecraft too!