How to Make Pointed NERF Bullets




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Introduction: How to Make Pointed NERF Bullets

In this Instructable I will teach you to build and use pointed Nerf bullets

Materials you will need are:

-1 altoids tin to store darts
-regular streamline darts that you are willing to destroy
-syringe tips
-and scissors

Step 1: Getting Set Up

to get started you will need a well lit flat surface to work on. then you need measure how long the dart is.then measure how long the syringe tip is and divide the difference then cut the dart so that the syringe goes in and is still the same length as the original dart.

Step 2: Gluing the Syringe

stick the syringe tip about 2mm in and add glue around it

Step 3: Loading the Clip

when loading , for best results alternate between regular and pointed darts.



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    I shot nails out of mine too!!!!!!! I'm like Stevie from family guy!!!!!

    #2=Do you want you friends to look like swiss-cheese?
    #3=Do you want one of these things shot at you?
    #4= Please improve spelling and grammar. It will get you far in life. (I don't mean to be mean)

    1 reply

    the syringes the kid is using apear to be made of plastic similar to those used on the tip of hair dye canisters, however i agree 100% in what you said, this "mod" could poke an eye or two out.

    I like how there's no disclaimer, warning, or even any mention of the word "dangerous" in this whole thing. Still a nifty idea

    Ha, children are such destructive little creatures. When I was young, I used to shoot nails out of my nerf gun.