this is how to make quicklime out of seashells and then make slaked lime which is a good mortar and putty and paste . to make quicklime all the materials are as followed
1)a container of some sort
2)any lime product(i use seashells)
4)time i guess??
Quick lime is a corrosive acid so be VERY careful

Step 1: Quick lime

mash up the seashells or other lime product into a powder
heat it on a stove (boiling it )
it should look acidy(i haven't done this before) and then, add in water let it react and slaked lime!!!
Note:seashells are calcium carbomate CACO3 and the quick lime is CAO and finally slaked lime CA(OH)2(aq)
Edbed2 months ago

How do you boil a powder.....

mirimar1 year ago

If you are trying to help by answering questions you know nothing about, then you are actually doing us a disservice by giving bad advice. Please be aware of this next time.

Never tell people how to do something if you have not done it yourself. It is dangerous

If you want to help, you can point them to articles or films that may help them out instead.

What does "acidy" mean?? You can not see acid, only pH testing strips, liquids can tell you what is and isn't an acid.

AJMansfield2 years ago
"It should look acidy"? If you don't know, don't tell people things that are just not true, either.
xeric944 years ago
quicklime is CaO and is a base..
jimwig6 years ago
calcium carbonate (CaCO3) is insoluble in water you must drive off the carbon dioxide to get calcium oxide (CaO) it takes quite a bit of heat