How to Make Slide Gloves





Introduction: How to Make Slide Gloves

 how to make slide gloves for longboarding 
slide like a pro

Step 1: Gathering Materials

 the materials you will need are:
-gloves (sturdy like welders or thick gardeners)
-cement glue or strong glue no hot glue or school glue 
-super strong velcrow
-cutting board
-sander or cement on a street

Step 2: Puting on Velcrow

 for this you will take one side of the velcrow and put it on the glove put sharpie around it to see were the glue should go
then of course put the glue inside of the sharpies lines
then put the one side of the velcrow back on

Step 3: Cuting the Cutting Board Into Good Squares

 take your saw and cut the cutting board into shapes that fit across your hand were you want them
then put the other side of the velcrow on the cutting board so it sticks to the glove

Step 4: YOU ARE DONE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Yay

 now go shred the gnar



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    hahahahahah rad man! the shoes really helps. thanks! XD

    These look serious, do you use the finger-pads or is it mostly on the palm?



    5 replies

     what ever floats your boat when im bombing i use the fingers on turns and slides but if you are useing just for slides palm would be fine

    Thanks for the reply , I can see the fingers a bit, not been on a board for a while though.


    i'm  not the author but i know that generally people put most of their palm and some even dont have a finger  puck or even no finger at all


    That's what I was thinking, thanks for the advice.


     yes shue next week end i will film and put some footy up