I learned how to make music using a glass (not crystal but crystal is preferred) and I want to teach you how to,

Step 1: Materials

First you will need a glass, water, and a finger(please don't cut you finger off to use it).
<p>I'm glad you posted these instructions because I was trying to do this activity with my son and it didn't work the way I did it. Once again thanks for the instructions. </p>
One of the best things to do while waiting for food in a restaurant! :D
i love doing this!!! it is addictiv :)
ya when my mom has wine i do this but then everyone is like &quot;stop it is soooo anoying&quot; and im like nooooooooo
i did this for a solo during one of our school concerts
An interesting effect is if you do this while sucking out the water through a straw. It makes a good sound :)
haha !!! unfortiuatly I'm not multitalented
You have to move your finger back and forwards to avoid the straw
a few more pictures and and maybe a video would make this instructable a bit better.
Add a bit more on how you do this, the pressure you put on the glass is critical. You do have to "feel" this to some extent, and it's not easy to explain. L
to win, try adding more details, but cool i'ble
o thanks i really need more comments because i really want to win the art of sound contest or the pocket sized contest and i really enjoy your support
noooooooooo im not gong to leave a comment!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ohhhh woops :@
Sounds interesting, I'm sure to Try it out, thanks!

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