Introduction: How to Make Sport Insoles for Your Shoes

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these are great for runing joging cycling parkour and anything you want good suport from your shoes for and its realy comfortable
and enviro freindly recycling yay

Step 1: The Materials

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you will need

1pair of scisors /sharp lnife (hoby knife)
1 pair of jogers/sk8 shoes etc
a marker of some kind
an old sleeping mat or wetsute (or other soft thick material

Step 2: Geting Started

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take the old insoles out of the shoe

place them on a peice of bedrole/wetsut material and trace around them

Step 3: Cut Out the New Insole

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take a pair of sharp scisors or a sharp knife and cut along the outer edge of the line

then trim as necesary

Step 4: Finishing

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place new soles inside shoe and if the old ones are still good put them in on top


parkourx (author)2010-04-29

Hey I used the same basic idea but insted of yoga mats (I did not have any) I used the pad that you find under carpet it works great thanks for the great instructable

milamber (author)2008-11-22

pleas post your opinion i am greatly interested in your feedback

TheScientist (author)milamber2008-11-22

1. put all the text through a spell checker!! it's not the 1920's, you're not on a typewriter... spellchecking really isn't difficult, and takes about 5 minutes tops. 2. pretty thorough and overall decent instructable. 3. bear in mind that these are not the same as properly designed ones, and if you suffer from foot problems then visiting your podiatrist is better, but for some extra cushioning i like the idea :)

milamber (author)TheScientist2009-11-29

absolute fail...

[aTRi0X] (author)milamber2010-02-02

If anything I would have thought to take the piss out of TheScientist's capitalisation fail.

TheScientist (author)milamber2009-11-29

"ped" in medicine refers to childrens health, e.g. pediatrician.
"pod" refers to "of the foot"

Use a dictionary next time.

They may be pretty good to go under the original insoles for when the shoes start going to bits aswell, I've found the middle layer takes the worst of it as the actual sole wears...

elementallonewolf (author)2009-04-07

What if you put like yoga mat material under the old insoles for comfort, not sports, you know, like extra cushioning and support for casual wear or light walking

jjewels119 (author)2008-11-23

I wouldn't call these "sport" insoles...

milamber (author)jjewels1192008-11-24

why not? they improve comfort and cushioning

jjewels119 (author)milamber2008-11-24

1) If you actually do any running in these insoles, they will break down very very quickly. 2) The material looks slick, so if you were running in these your foot would slide around in your shoe. These would be fine for normal day-to-day use, but not for actual sports. Resources: I worked at a shoe store for 2 years and I am a runner myself.

milamber (author)jjewels1192008-11-25

actualy my feet do not slip at all they break down only slitly faster than normal insoles but there heeps cheaper and i find they give more suport

jjewels119 (author)milamber2008-11-25

That maybe, but from the photo of your original insoles it is clear that your shoes are too short for your feet. Your feet have no wear to move if they wanted to. A proper fitting shoe would leave a little room in them, which I'm guess because of the material they would slide. I doubt that your shoes are being used for sports because they are casual shoes (in the photo). I'm not saying your insoles wouldn't be better than the standard one that is in your shoe, just that I wouldn't recommend them for sports.

milamber (author)jjewels1192008-11-26

ok i reaced badly and ya write my shoes are short however they perform as briliant shoes for the stuff i do (mostly amature parkour) ty 4 the constructive critisim

milamber (author)milamber2008-11-27

opps i ment to say i reacted badly and that yes my shoes are to short but the insoles are great for comfort and suport

jjewels119 (author)milamber2008-11-27

I'm going to be honest here... I have no idea what you just said.

milamber (author)2008-11-24

first ible by the way

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