Picture of how to make the best paper airplane The Harrier
in this Instructable I will show you how to make a really good paper airplane i have pondered and wondered if this is really the best but i have recently done some tests and my conclusion was that yes this was the best paper airplane. the farthest i have gotten this plane to go is 112 feet!!!

Step 1: Fold in half

Picture of fold in half
Fold in half so that the longer sides are perpendicular and are the closest to being in half.
JoshuaJ714 days ago

very good

AceGamer025 months ago


AceGamer025 months ago

hi was great help

whysopsy2 years ago
yo! this plane may look awkward to you but it actually looks cool to me. i tried this plane out and it was the best plane i had ever made!! thx X0
aasmoro2 years ago
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Marik I.3 years ago
Can you reccomend a good way to throw this plane. When I throw it, the plane always curves to the side.
yocum1373 years ago
It's got a Kline-Fogelman airfoil which is what makes it fly so well.
StormD3 years ago
When I was in 5th grade, my uncle showed me how to make this plane, and my friend and I used to have contests flying them out on the playground at lunch. Our best results came from stacking a neatly folded one with slightly wider wings on top of a more sloppy plane with a narrower wingspan and throwing the stack at a steep upward angle into the wind. The extra mass of the second plane helped us get more inertia and altitude, and then when they separated, the "launcher" would generally spiral down in a nosedive, while the "glider" would soar beautifully across the soccer field. On a good day with just the right breeze and a lucky thermal, we managed flights well over a hundred yards (clear from one end of the soccer pitch past the other). Thanks for resurrecting these memories!
dumle3 years ago
I used to live on the 10th floor and have tested many paper planes on windy and non-windy days. Believe it or not; on a windy day, there is no folded paper plane that beats an unfolded paper for the distance and flight time.
this iz a wicked plane
runrun13113 years ago
It flies slow and smooth, like a Hanglider
Kickstart794 years ago
Its called the nakumora lock after mr nakumora its inventer. not the harrier or the hammer.
Mhm. I've seen lots of people take this design and rename it like the "harrier" or "the eastern star".
i love paper air planes
duck-lemon7 years ago
Do you by any chance have the dangerous book fort boys by Dan and Hal Iggulden?
uhm, i do.
xgenisen5 years ago
 This airplane is awesome! I found that when u fold the wings if u leave 1/2" at the front and 2" at the back, it flies even better! still AMAZING instructable. 5 stars!!!!
thats cheap!!!you got it from the "encyoclopedia of immaturity" book!
napalm008 (author) 7 years ago
i do not but one of my freinds does.
boisei07 years ago
Ah, the Harrier: the best paper plane in the world, the record of this plane is 5 km and 346 meters(!!!). I know, quite much, but it's real!
thegunthing7 years ago
i must say, this is the best paper airplane i have seen on all of instructables. Flies great, looks great, what else can i ask for?
b2j27 years ago
I remember making one of these about sixty years ago. The teacher was writing on the blackboard (back turned to class). The plane went around the room twice, then out the window!
napalm008 (author) 7 years ago
ya it does fly well really well (not to brag) and if any 1 else wants to enter i wish you all good luck.
Dr.Paj7 years ago
Wow, I just saw this contest, I would have entered this EXACT AIRPLANE, but I guess going to a jazz contest let you pull ahead.

By the way, this is definitely one of the better airplane designs (if you get it right it flies forever*)

*Forever=less than 1 mile*
napalm008 (author) 7 years ago
well i kind of can i did a test it out i had 20 different paper airplanes that were claimed that they were the best i flew them 3 times each (3rd times the charm) and this one won both of my tests the longest one aflight and the farthest thrown but still there could be a better one out there.
You can't actually guarantee" that it is the best, but it is pretty good.
I use this method a lot.

Darn, you beat me to posting this Instructable... <.<
Wait up buddy... this Instructables doesn't count. You have to add in a 30 second or less video of it flying. :-)
triplebirch7 years ago
I was thinking about entering this one. And yes, it is the BEST!
ericsnapple7 years ago
Nooooo...... I was just about to enter this. .\ /. grrr... Good job though, although, when I make mine, I fold it 1/3 of the way up. Also, where's the video? And YES, this is the best design. Ever.
blubber7 years ago
people make all these different airplanes but i reckon the classic is still the best ill still vote you though coz the other guy didnt make it up everyone knows how to make the classic