How to make the best paper snowflakes!

Picture of how to make the best paper snowflakes!
yes yes, the holidays are over for now, but it doesn't mean you can't do this simple project :)

excuse some quality of these pictures, as it was all taken with my macbook.

if this is similar to another persons intructable, my apologies, as i had learned this technique in school a few years back and was not in anyway trying to copy someones idea!
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Step 3: Cutting time, part three

since you folded your paper, you might have noticed how you now have a rectangle at the bottom of your sheet ( hold the pointed end up, rectangle at the bottom for orientation) now, simply cut that part off, make sure it doesnt pass the folded part ( please please PLEASE look at the pictures) as an end result you should have a squair with a fold down the middle, and a long rectangle which can be recycled.e

Step 8: Open up it up!

at this point, when you unfold what you have now, it should look like a circle. this is your " blank snowflake". if you unfolded, refold now.