How to make the coolest paper air plane EVER!!!!!!!!

Picture of how to make the coolest paper air plane EVER!!!!!!!!
first have a plain sheet fo paper
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Step 1: Getting started

Picture of getting started
now fold in a triangle sorta way

Step 2: 2

Picture of 2
now fold down the tip a little bit for wheght

Step 3: 3

Picture of 3
now just fold in half and make the wings and ta da
bubbachr4 years ago
the one I made swerved back and forth but it is a cool plan
Mr.Geek5 years ago
this is wierd
its not weird its genius
loplop3524 years ago
nice plane o used this fr the science thing in mr schooneys it did 6 backflips : )
lemonie5 years ago
(removed by author or community request)
lopoff (author)  lemonie5 years ago
is your name lemonie because you always leave sour comments BURN!!!!!!
How is that burn? Really?
lopoff (author)  lemonie5 years ago
do you always have to be so negative. i mean whats wrong with you on every single intructable you always say somthin negative
lemonie lopoff5 years ago
You're reading the wrong ones! I meant "is there something unique or special about this design?" But since you didn't like the question I'll remove it. L
It's my favorite type of paper airplane to make, so we might actually have the coolest paper airplane ever here.
Biopyro5 years ago
How do you "just make the wings"?
lopoff (author)  Biopyro5 years ago
fold them down past the bodie