Introduction: How to Make the Easiest and Cheapest Compass in 5minutes.

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today i will show you how to make a compass in 5 is easy ,cheap to lets get started.

Step 1:

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these are the things that you may need:
1)a magnet
2)floatable plastic or even sponge.
3)a needle
4)permanent marker or correction pen

Step 2:

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firstly take a needle and rub one of its end to one pole of the magnet may take one minute.then rub the other end of the needle with another pole of magnet.


Step 3:

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now take the plastic and make a stick the needle in middle of it.

Step 4:

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now drop it on the will start to move and at a time it will stop if you move it the other side, it would get back to that early mark its two ends north and south by matching the direction with another compass.

Step 5:

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now with a marker write the other directions,east and your compass is may see the direction any time by just dropping it on water.


                                                 north                    south
warning :dont keep it near other magnets or it will not give right directions.
i am argha halder from naogaon bangladesh.iread in class six in biam laboratory school.


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Bio: I love making and breaking electronics.
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