Picture of How to Make the Fastest Paper Airplane

This is how to make the fastest paper airplane I've ever seen. I call it the Eagle.

Step 1: Fold In Half

Picture of Fold In Half
plane 2.jpg
plane 3.jpg
plane 5.jpg

This is an easy step. Just fold an 8.5 x 11" sheet of paper in half down the center like pictured, and then open it up again so that it lays flat.

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budderf18 days ago

these are great designs they relly help

bsteenput made it!1 month ago
so cool :D
SamH19 made it!3 months ago

I use was with emphasis.

SamH193 months ago

this was a good plane. Would recommend it to 9/10 people.

Alliep124 months ago

little compilicated

khalodro4 months ago

this soooooo cool

It was a little hard but I did it

sebby38s6 years ago
This plane is great!
This is not a great plan, I got all the steps except the last two? I'm confuseddd. If you can help me with this Please, call me.... 606-615-4358......
Andd, i have a prooject to get done and its this paper plane, so please, call and help me with it!

XD u probbla

Honestly dont put ur phone number on sites like this

wow its easy im just askin u y did you put ur number on the internet
wow im just askin but why did you put your number online WOW LOL (::)
Tiinsky6 months ago

Made this paper plane for my daughter just now . I used to make them as a kid but its been a long time so I needed a refresher. I agree step six is a little confusing. Not sure which way to fold in half and the photo is a tiny bit blurry.. I think I did it right, it seems to fly.

xrcalK Tiinsky4 months ago

thx man! I had that problem too!

MB10334 months ago

Thanks! This is sooooooooooo AWESOME!!!!

I made it!!!

Thank you for showing us these easy steps of making a plane,Thank you .

ReubenK8 months ago

I made it!!!!!!!!!

our class was doing a project on it and I won because of it

(: thankyou so much

lol are you cute

yes i am baby;)

this thing is so fast I coated it with some stuff and its faster than a car

AngieS26 months ago


xrcalK7 months ago

I did it it wrong but it did a loop?!

xrcalK7 months ago

problem:step 6 is hard for me :(

khads7867 months ago

Sooo COOL!! I didn't know how to do no.5 but I got my dad to help me and it worked although he did it differently!!

cool same for me but I had my friend help me XD

DaVidMaker7 months ago

thnks for showing us that!!

RebeccaW47 months ago

cool this is my first paper airpl

khads7867 months ago

Sooo COOL!! I didn't know how to do no.5 but I got my dad to help me and it worked although he did it differently!!

AnushnaB8 months ago

it was hard really hard to fly

I got stuck on step 5 its hard

no it aint

I luv it but it is not called "eagle", it is called "The Harrier"! If u want to ask me anything, ask me for my email and I will reply ASAP! XD nicolas

my name I nicolas

I got stuck on step 5 its hard

I got stuck on step 5 its hard

jakebull1536510 months ago

the eagle is great man

ThunderbeatB11 months ago

It looks hard.... lets hope it works.....

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