Picture of how to make the fastest paper airplane
this paper airplane that is the fastest i've ever seen i call it the eagle.
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Step 1: Fold in half

Picture of fold in half
this is an easy step just fold so that the longer sides are perpindicular.

Step 2: Fold the cockpit

Picture of fold the cockpit
fold the cockpit so that the flaps ae almost perfectly even with each other.

Step 3: Fold the cockpit down

Picture of fold the cockpit down
fold the cockpit down so that the sides are pointedas in the pic.

Step 4: Fold the 2nd cockpit

Picture of fold the 2nd cockpit
fold your second cockpit by folding your tow flaps down like the 2nd step.

Step 5: Fold another flap down

Picture of fold another flap down
fold another two flaps down to the center of the plane

Step 6: Fold in half

Picture of fold in half
now fold your plane in half and get ready for the anticipated last step.

Step 7: For the wings!

Picture of for the wings!
to make the wings fold your ends of the plane down to the edge and holefully your'e plane should look like the pic below this paragraph. to fly well fly inside and throw as hard as you can buy


If you want to have a war or sumthing just cut of the tip.
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ReubenK3 months ago

I made it!!!!!!!!!

our class was doing a project on it and I won because of it

(: thankyou so much

lol are you cute

yes i am baby;)

this thing is so fast I coated it with some stuff and its faster than a car

Tiinsky27 days ago

Made this paper plane for my daughter just now . I used to make them as a kid but its been a long time so I needed a refresher. I agree step six is a little confusing. Not sure which way to fold in half and the photo is a tiny bit blurry.. I think I did it right, it seems to fly.

AngieS21 month ago


xrcalK1 month ago

I did it it wrong but it did a loop?!

xrcalK1 month ago

problem:step 6 is hard for me :(

khads7862 months ago

Sooo COOL!! I didn't know how to do no.5 but I got my dad to help me and it worked although he did it differently!!

cool same for me but I had my friend help me XD

DaVidMaker2 months ago

thnks for showing us that!!

RebeccaW42 months ago

cool this is my first paper airpl

khads7862 months ago

Sooo COOL!! I didn't know how to do no.5 but I got my dad to help me and it worked although he did it differently!!

AnushnaB2 months ago

it was hard really hard to fly

I got stuck on step 5 its hard

no it aint

I luv it but it is not called "eagle", it is called "The Harrier"! If u want to ask me anything, ask me for my email and I will reply ASAP! XD nicolas

my name I nicolas

I got stuck on step 5 its hard

I got stuck on step 5 its hard

jakebull153654 months ago

the eagle is great man

sebby38s5 years ago
This plane is great!
This is not a great plan, I got all the steps except the last two? I'm confuseddd. If you can help me with this Please, call me.... 606-615-4358......
Andd, i have a prooject to get done and its this paper plane, so please, call and help me with it!

Honestly dont put ur phone number on sites like this

wow its easy im just askin u y did you put ur number on the internet
wow im just askin but why did you put your number online WOW LOL (::)
ThunderbeatB6 months ago

It looks hard.... lets hope it works.....

cassiem5001 year ago
thing thing is so old it docent even fly fast
LinaPie1 year ago
Is this harder than I made it? I did all the steps and found it really easy, but why is everyone saying its so hard? flies really well
it was hard to fold on the last part..... but it was well worth it with flying fast! and it was easy to make
confused about step 5
I hope this works, we have a contest in school coming up :D
There was a competition in school and we won because of this airplane.


P.S. napalm008, good demonstration, good creativity. good creating airplane.

Sorry for wrong english!

Mahad A.
im new here but that plane SOO COOL !!!!!!...but i almost took my annoying cousin's head off....LOL
off with his head!
mkguy3 years ago
i named it the s.s. mk
i made it fly but it hit a vase and it broke ( the vase broke ) LOL . cool site
napalm008 (author) 7 years ago
well if it doesn't work you folded it wrong.
mhah napalm0083 years ago
How long does it take to go 1 Meter?
Alexrocks023 years ago
This is awesome it flys fast!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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