Introduction: How to Make the Most Horrable Smelling Stink Bomb in the History of Man.

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this is how to make a stink bomb that is so rancid, so awful, so noxious, so horrifying, so nauseating (i had a friend ho smelled it and threw up) if you smell it directly it'll make your nose shrivel up and your face fall off and melt i kid you not.

WARNING: this is a highly powerful stink bomb that can be dangerous if misused. it made one of my friends throw up cause he stuck his nose in the jar and took a fat whiff.  if someone falls over and is throwing up than flip them over, that's how Hendrix  died. also because he had a white lighter in his possession when he died. if you do something stupid with it then it is not my responsibility to take the blame. and remember that broken glass is sharp (no duh i just don't want to get sued) don't get in trouble, and don't get caught doing something evil.

Step 1: Get the Stuff.

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you will need a shot glass to measure the stuff out
an old jar
an egg
a little less than a shot of gasoline or anything that vaporizes easily
the juice from a can of tuna and about 2 shot glasses packed with tuna
milk 2 shots
coconut milk 1 shot
stale beer works pretty good
cottage cheese
moldy fruit
and if you have flies at your house and you sat a lot of them then dead flies are good
jello as a thickener
blood (you can ask the butcher)
you can add bodily waste you want if that's your thing (not to sound immature, i am actually 16 and i have a life, i am just saying it enhances it if you put dog waste in there)

Step 2: Likker' It Up

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add a little less than a shot of your least favorite liqueur or just rubbing alcohol if your under 18. or you can use gasoline or Coleman stove fuel. just remember it has to vaporize easily.

Step 3: Egg Milk

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add an egg, it does not matter if you get the shell out, just as long as it is broken.
add your 2 shots of milk

Step 4: Fishy Substances

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add your shots of tuna juice or just pour the whole can's juice in there. add the tuna you were going to add just don't waste an entire can of tuna. that is a bad idea.

Step 5: Looks Lovely

Picture of Looks Lovely

looks gross don't it? all perishable items that get rancid after a while except the alcohol and jar.

Step 6: Shake It All Up

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shake it (or not)

Step 7: Put It on the Roof

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or anyplace that is warm

Step 8: Sun

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let the sun do what it is good at for a couple days or a week. the longer you let it sit the worse it will smell.

Step 9: Set That Sucker Off!

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be careful when you do this. you can set it off two ways: put some crystal drain cleaner in it and close it tight, set it down and run like hell, or just smash it against something hard. 

Caution: draino glass grenades are dangerous.


AALISS (author)2013-05-22

I love your list of 'Optional' items: dead flies, blood and " can add bodily waste you want if that's your thing (not to sound immature, i am actually 16 and i have a life, i am just saying it enhances it if you put dog waste in there) "
you make me lol!!! :D

TimmyMiller (author)2011-08-31

can you make an ible about a launcher for the bombs?

weaponscollector94 (author)2010-12-08

yeah, but it is not as cool. and besides, explosions are cool!

AstroBiT (author)2010-12-08

Would just opening the lid work?

weaponscollector94 (author)2010-07-20

or you could add the snail beer to my already military grade stink bomb and you should be able to clear a football stadium!

its almost snowing at my house so i cant do step 7 or 8 any were els 2 put it

indestructibleguy (author)2010-08-19

if you only fill the jar half way up, you can fill it to 3/4 with dry ice. but make sure it is warm, after sitting under the sun a good couple weeks. if it is warm, make sure you can run faster than about 10 mph. trust me, you will run that fast if you've set it off like that before and didn't run fast enough. =)

seamaas (author)2010-07-26

road kill? anyone

troseph (author)2010-07-21

I think if you added duck eggs or chicken meat and raw broccoli to this it would be a nice nasty touch. Adding something like toluene will help dissolve and disperse the sulfur. The nastiest stink bomb I ever made was taking lots of dog droppings into a 2 liter plastic bottle, adding hot water, give it a good shake and add dry ice. Cap that and run like hell.

i might just have to try that...

AndyGadget (author)2010-07-20

Worst stink possible - From my 'slug trap' Instructable :-

1) Make beer filled slug-trap, catch slugs and allow drowned gastropods to ferment in the heat of the sun for a few days.
2) Accidentally take a whiff of the noxious brew.

I did this and it was touch-and-go for the next few minutes as to whether I was going to heave up my lunch. Even thinking about it makes me feel queasy.

dwhole (author)AndyGadget2010-07-21


edbro (author)2010-07-20

Instead of smashing it or using drain cleaner, just pour it into a bowl. That way you can still drink it. Yum.

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