How to Make the Naruto Shippuuden Jacket!!!!





Introduction: How to Make the Naruto Shippuuden Jacket!!!!

Alright, it's Tobi-kun here... now i have been making a naruto jacket from the origional series and i thought hey what the heck so i took off all the stuff i hsd on and started to make the shippuuden jacket. And for all of you narutards like me out ther it's really not that hard so here we go!!!!

P.S. Tobi good boy.


Step 1: Materials!

alright now i got just about all of the materials needed. It will cost about 15-25 $ depending on how good of quality the stuff is.

now you will need 1 yard of slightly dark red cloth

2-3 yards of black slightly shiny cloth

various peices of wood ( i will explain later... i promise)

an orange jacket

a good reference

good backround

This pic was my first naruto shippuuden jacket.....

Step 2: CUT CUT CUT!

Alright now is the absolute WORST part. It is at least a MILLION times easier if you have an exacto
knife, well also this is one of the most time consuming because there is alot of just plain judging where all the lines are. so here lets start...

Step 3: Now That We Got That Out of the Way...

Alright now who has a sewing machine in here raise your hand... (1, 2 , 3 and 4...) Well you absolutely DO NOT need a sewing machine, if you dont then use fabrick glue... the one i reccommend is Tacky Glue. It dries nice and clear. now if you need help with positioning of the peices here ya go!

Step 4: Collar

probably my 2nd favorite part of this whole project. Now cut the the hood of the jacket at 6 inches all the way across, fold it as neat as you an and glue or sew. Then cut out the black collar from your stash of black fabric. Glue or sew the black on, let sit for at least 15 min (if you glued it ) now try it on and your done with the collar.

Step 5: The Slingshot!

now there are alot of ways to do this but the easiest way is this: get a base of round wood approxamitely 2 inch diameter... get some mdeling clay , form the swirl. get two 2 inch rectangle peices of wood and hot glue them to the swirl then like magic its done. ( after you paint it the appropriate colors.

Step 6: ALRIGHT......

ok so your most likely all done so make the finishing touches and i will be back with MY COMPLETED jacket. I will probably be just about done in two weeks tops...(it's feb. 7 09) so hang in there.. i will also be making an istructable on how to make an Akatsuki cloak, sasuke's costume and sasuke shippuden costume.

Alright so good bye and in 2 weeks i promise i WILL have pics of the costume

ToBi GoOd BoY



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    Two things:can you make an Instructable for homemade akatsuki cloaks,aaaaand...TOBI IS A GOOD BOY!!!!!!!!!XD

    Dude Tobi is Madara everyone thinks his obito becasue the hole in his mask for his eye and the other eye got taken out by (spoilers next dont read if u dun wanna read the spoilers) rin and gave kakashi but Tobi only has that mask cos it was LIKE his old ABNU mask <--------------------------------- MADARA

    1 reply

    Dude...SPOILER ALERT!!!!!!!!!!: Madara died at the final valley... kabuto just used impure world ressurection on him.... so obito may be a possible candidate.

    damn you! you just spoiled who the guy in the mask was

    ... This is not an instructable. It's a bunch of pictures you took from the Internet and posted on here.



    Dude halloweens right around the corner hurry I wanna be an akatsuki

    Dude, what's with the procrastination? I procrastinate too, but this is just plain laziness. Finish it up, man! I'll be busy making a Tobi mask for your convenience.


    Hehe nice job. I'll rate when it's done. No use in judging some thats incomplete.

    1 reply

    hey wel i just got my camera up and working so um you get the picture...

    great job. it would help if you had youur own pictures though.................... but otherwise great job!

    Any photos of it being made? That would help alot to give more of an idea of what to do for some people

    2 replies

    Well im in the process of making it right now so i promise i will get some pics of it being made soon... my camera is currently broken so um yeah...

    well thats fair enough then, you see some good instructables just are just never updated with pictures so a good thing justwasres into the darkness but aslong as you get some picture of it eventually, i think this will be a great instructable, id probably use it myself cos my cosplay help

    YAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAY i have been waiting sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo long for a shippuuden jacket one... well you should add in some pics of you making it though it would help... but other than that good job tobi-kun!