Picture of how to make the simplest electric generator
i will show you how to make a generator easily.for this you will need common and cheap things.ihave given drawn pictures instead of real picture. so it may noybe so clear.with this generator you may not produce that much energy but still it may generate enough electricity to light up a led bulb.

Step 1:

Picture of
you will need the following things:
1)an iron nail of 15-20 cm.
2)a card board sheet.
3)a strong magnet.
4)copper wire of 28-30 gauge.
5)insulative tape.
6)led bulb.

24 gauge wire will do? I have 50 meters

Will it work if rotate copper wire more than 1500 times? I have bought 50 meters for this. Will it work if I use two magnets, one up and one down?

Nibha13 days ago

can you tell me which type of magnet is used ?

swastika117 days ago
Argha, please give me two page description about this topic

Can I connect a motor to this thing instead of the led light? Can I use the power created by the generator to revolve a magnet around it, so that once we give it a start, it start automatically moving? Anyways it is cool. I think it is magnetic induction, right? You can contact me at my mail -

argha halder (author)  Mohammed AyazQ28 days ago

Thank you and sadly no, you can not add a motor, it is not powerful enough to rotate the motor fast enough to rotate the magnet. The induction also produces ac electricity, so it wouldn't work.

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Can you please tell me which kind of magnet should I use

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it is cool


it would help me much THANKS!!

indigo4012 years ago
This is great! Keep up the good work :-)
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WOW ITS WAS GREAT! THANKS it would help me much

xxxSpox1 year ago
on an average basis....hw much power does it create?.???
argha halder (author)  xxxSpox1 year ago

It creates a very low ampere, but a decent voltage spikes around 3-4 volts sometimes. I didn't manage to check the spikes as I don't have an oscilloscope, but anything it produces is only powerful enough to light an led at most...

Hi there. Can you kindly explain more on the turning.How does 2 ends coming out? i have used the cooper wire SWG18. it is quite thick and I can't make the LED function. Please explain it ASAP. Thank you..

argha halder (author)  SHARMANATHAN1 year ago

sorry for the late reply,, but when you wind the wire you get the start and end of the wire, so there are two ends.. The wire you used is quite thick, you might try using 26 gauge wires. and wind it at least 1000 times,, not less. Then try it again,, i hope it will work then,, Good Luck!!

Wow like this but can i know from where i can get strong magnet? Any online website

Look for neodymium-iron-boron magnets. You may not need one to demonstrate this project, but they're fun in their own right. For example, if you hold a cylindrical stack of them in your hand and move around, you can *feel* their interaction with the Earth's magnetic field. Additionally, you can demonstrate electromagnetic braking trivially and in a way that becomes immediately clear to anyone observing, by dropping a button magnet down a copper pipe with a slightly larger inside diameter than the diameter of the magnet. I've tried this: it took about 40 seconds for the magnet to drop through a 4 foot pipe.

You don't have to use a powerful magnet. Just any decent size ceramic magnet. You can find them at many different hobby stores, and they even sell these kind shown at Radioshack at a very low price.

Its great but i didnt understand step 6 pic!
argha halder (author)  sahaab noor1 year ago

sorry for that, in that step you just have to move the magnets near the nail in any pattern or movement. hope it helps