How to Make the Simplest Electric Generator





Introduction: How to Make the Simplest Electric Generator

i will show you how to make a generator easily.for this you will need common and cheap things.ihave given drawn pictures instead of real picture. so it may noybe so clear.with this generator you may not produce that much energy but still it may generate enough electricity to light up a led bulb.

Step 1:

you will need the following things:
1)an iron nail of 15-20 cm.
2)a card board sheet.
3)a strong magnet.
4)copper wire of 28-30 gauge.
5)insulative tape.
6)led bulb.

Step 2:

cut two circles of 3-6 cm diametre from the cardboard sheet.and now make a hole in the centre so that the nail can be inserted init.

Step 3:

now insert the first circle in the nail ,3 cm away from the insert the other circle in the nail in such a manner that the 2nd circle is 3 cm away from the first one.and put a layer of insulative tape on it in between the circles.

Step 4:

now on the insulative layer between the circles put some copper wires 1000-1500 times by bring the two ends out.

Step 5:

now connect the two ends to a led bulb.

Step 6:

now take a magnet keep it almost 3-5 cm away from the nails star to move it in various ways .at one time in a certain type of move the bulb will start to i have shown circular movement.then any time you may light it with that move.ifit does not work then try by changing the poles of led.i am sure that it is a project that may give you a first prize in science fair.

if i make any mistake inenglish forgive me because i am from a non -english speakin coutry.i am argha halder from naogaon bangladesh.i study in class 7 in biam laboratory school naogaon. 



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How to publish an instructable ? Can you explain me ?

inron nail matalab kill

this very intersting

what is meaning of iron nail in hindi

Hello. I tried your generator but it didn't worked. Then I tries other working methods. And now I have my own idea. Anyways you help me a lot. I thick we have to scratch the wire ends for light to work. Add the statement of scratching the wire ends so this tutorial will be really very useful.

Will it work if rotate copper wire more than 1500 times? I have bought 50 meters for this. Will it work if I use two magnets, one up and one down?

can you tell me which type of magnet is used ?