How to Make the Simplest Gun in the World





Introduction: How to Make the Simplest Gun in the World

hi guy it it me oXABXo in thes instructables i well made the world simplest gun
it is sooo simple

Step 1: The Item U Well Need

first u need this item

Step 2: Put the Hole

u have to put a hole in the cap so the BBQ lighter gos Inside

Step 3: Fun Part

and now u have ur gun have fun



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    hello all

    first yes HeyJD it is all about expanding hot air

    wen you but the lighter in the bottle you press the lighter a litel bit so so you fell up the bottel with 15% gas thin you press the lighter !!!

    the gas and air well expand and thers NO were to go
    so it gos off the lighter right away >>>like a bullet!

     Ah, after a little thought I found out what this guy is trying to make/say.

    1:Basicly I think your supposed to put the lighter through the bottle cap.

    2:then put the bottle cap on the bottle

    3:then turn on the lighter.

    what I think will happen is that the air inside the bottle will expand  so much that the bottle will shoot off the nose of the lighter and act as a bullet

    i dont quite undestand your steps they are not there ? it looks like a good idea!

    PIC 2 has the knife inserted in the cap

    what is this supposed to do? all you tell us to do is shove a lighter in a bottle. do you have to put in propelant or anything? what does it shoot? how do you load it? please reply.

    try it!!! then say it is a joke :)

    Try editing this into the instructable. It will help ratings. Greatly.