Step 2:

look at the pictures

<p>whats the other stuff?</p>
<p>I have 0 idea on how to make this, and have wasted a good sheet of paper. Dissapointed :( Can you make a video on how to make the paper airplanes? Ot would be alot clearer. </p>
everyone try and make it as perfect as you can then it will fly really well
I tried but it didnt work very well...
However, it isn't a walkalong glider<br>
changed now
lovely plane dude
cool, thanks
i'm no master, but this is one easy plane<br>
hard to tune it well
That is very true<br>
once you get it tuned good, it's easy from there. <br>try bending the rear if the wings up like ailerons, that helps
i dont get these instructions at all
sorry, it is a bit hard to explain how to make it
is it a4 paper?
yes look at the comments below
it doesn't work for me either
what size paper do you have? cause' i got normal A4 sheets of paper, and it didnt work.
just normal a4 sized paper
Still wont work. Please just make a vieo, it will be much clearer.
Hi Nerdling, this airplane looks cool!
thank you

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