Picture of how to make tickets for a lottery
Always I played a souvenir between guests, but they delayed pieces of paper numbers, and so it will turn out much more interestingly...

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Step 1: Materials

Picture of Materials

- White (not glossy) cardboard

- Gouache

- Black gel handle

- Candle (paraffin)

- Liquid soap

Step 2:

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   We cut white (not glossy) a cardboard on small the ticket, about 8 by 5 cm. We do of a cardboard a template for the middle – about 5 by 3 cm. We draw on a template a rectangle in the ticket center.
    We write in this rectangle an inscription which we will hide under a being erased layer. The inscription has to be quite bright, it is better to use the gel handle. Fields of tickets can be decorated on your taste.

Step 3:

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  Rectangle with an inscription we rub with a candle, it must be done very carefully that didn't remain uncovered places. The layer of paraffin is greased with liquid soap, it is possible to make it directly a finger. It is necessary in order that paint well laid down on paraffin.

Step 4:

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   When soap will dry up, it is possible to paint over a rectangle gouache. To imitate a metal covering which usually do on such tickets, we use silvery gouache. Now it is necessary to wait only full drying of paint ...

Step 5: Finish

Picture of Finish
I wish you many prize
VincentF217 days ago

what is the pen for?

solmstea2 years ago
Nicely done! Now I need to have a party so I can use this.
Master18112 years ago
Where do you suggest I would get this paint?
Please respond.
useraaaaa2 years ago
Harvard822 years ago
Very Cool. I love it.