Make a ground unit or fly with these skis for rc helicopters!+How to make the skis!

Step 1: Materials

tooth pick
rc helicopter 
and index card or light cardboard

Step 2: Make 2 Triangles

Cut out 2 triangles with light cardboard or index cards m 

corner angles 30 o, 60 o, and 90 o

o = degrees  

Step 3: Poke Holes in Triangles

Poke holes in the 2 triangles with scissors the width of a tooth pick 

Step 4: Tape on the Triangles

Tape the triangles on the skids of your heli 

Step 5: Slide Tooth Pick Through the Holes

Do what the title of the step says!

Step 6: Testing Tips

When you test it, descend to a smooth surface like a counter top or something
Next, when you touch the surface cut the engine to idle or low power you will slide across the surface as a ground unit
Then, power up and take of again!

<p>nice pictures could be better though</p>
Pretty cool idea, although if you were not using a micro sized heli then you would need much stronger material than index cards. Also, does it just shoot forward when you try to take off after landing?

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