Introduction: How to Make Various Types of Stefans

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this will tell you how to make a few different kinds of stefans, or homeade nerf darts. as usuall, if you don't want to make them yourself, i would be willing to sell you some.

Step 1: Materials

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you will need:
1/2 inch foam backer rod. also called caulk saver. i use the frost king brand
hot glue
weight. i use bb's or 3/0 fishing weights.

hot glue gun

Step 2: Straightening

this can be done 2 ways. i do it by taping it to something straight, like a board or table. you can also use the hair dryer method, by putting them in a pillow case after youve cut it and blowdrying them straight. i have had no success with this, however, and prefer to use the first straightening method.

Step 3: Cutting

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now take your scisors and cut the rod into 2 inch lenghts. make sure the cuts are straight.

Step 4: Finishing

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now take your hot glue gun and burn a small hole for the weight in the top of the dart. now drop in your bb and cover with a dome of hot glue. hold the dart still for a little bit, then put it in some kind of a jig to hold it upright. after doing this a few times, you now have a batch of homeade nerf darts!

NOTE: to use these you will have to remove the barrel post from your gun. this is not hard, and will not affect performance. simply grab with pliers and pull.

Step 5: Shotgun Stefans

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for these stefans, simply cut the rod into 1/4 to 1/2 inch length for your darts. there is no need to straighten. simply weight like normal darts. these darts have mediocre range but you can fit a couple of them into your barrell for a spray patern.


mc thumbs (author)2010-03-12

 Can you make them with an un-moded nerf gun??????

all you need to do to shoot these is rip out the barrel posts. just grab it with pliers and rip it out. what gun do you have?

 I have the long shot,the strike fire,the night finder and the switch shot..............................................................................................I WILL NOT MOD ANY cat hates nerf darts:I

fishgish509 (author)mc thumbs2010-06-05

my cat likes nerf darts

mc thumbs (author)fishgish5092010-07-03

I know my cat in New Jersey dosen't eat nerf darts because last night I had an AWSOME Nerf war with my cousins and we left Nerf darts outside so, this morning I checked outside and none were dead

JustusC (author)mc thumbs2017-11-15

Modifiying nerf weapons is not illegal, but you do have to rip out dart posts to begin using stefans.

daltonjcw (author)mc thumbs2010-04-19

mod it. deal with it.

mc thumbs (author)daltonjcw2010-04-26


Josephc185 (author)mc thumbs2016-08-24

its not

basher345 (author)mc thumbs2010-11-24

lol It'll only void's the warranty. But making Stefan's isn't illegal at all.

Turtlepee (author)mc thumbs2010-06-12


CybergothiChe (author)mc thumbs2010-04-26


Pwag (author)mc thumbs2011-12-30

If you won't mod em, you'll have to run stock darts or try and make a hole in the stefan darts, which is iffy.

tinyhooman (author)mc thumbs2016-11-16

you probably could, you'd just need to drill a hole on the bottom of the dart.

mythbuster7 (author)2014-06-25

I think the best method for straightening the foam is bobololo's method which is cutting the darts the putting them in a pillow case and tying a knot on the open end then putting them in the dryer for 15 minutes on medium heat. worked perfect for me.

Pizzapie500 (author)2010-09-30

(Note: I'm not a Hater, in fact I rated 4*) The foam you're using is the worst foam you can be using because it's not dense and it breaks really easily. The way to test if it's good is if you hold it up to the light and if you could see light coming through it, then it's bad. Although I believe if you spray paint it, it'll probably work better (and look cooler). But in the end, you should really buy this online because not only is it cheaper, it's also better quality.

ya i know its crap foam, but it works ok and is the only kind available to buy. my parents hate buying stuff online cuz they think hackers steal their credit card and whatnot. paranoid parents suck. it would be nice if i could get some good foam. good job catching that and thanks for the good rating

I am two years too late, but you can buy "pre-paid credit cards" in some corner stores and such. Basically they're credit cards that have a limited amount of money on them, they're great for buying online, the cheapest I've seen was $50.

You're a Engineering student? Order it on line yourself bud!

Where can I get the denser stuff?

look at the date this was posted. over a year ago. i was living at home at the time. i'm an engineering student now, and am free to order online if i do so please.

Freedom is a great thing! I thought something didn't jive, but it being early morning for a night shift drudge, I missed the date.

What till your forty and answering replies to this :D

You still do Nerf stuff? I'm arming my children for the foam-pocalypse.

a little bit. not as much now that im at college.

Yeah my parents are sort of like that. Like they would pay an extra $5 to buy on a site like Amazon instead of Ebay. You can probably ask a friend to buy some and you can just pay him back.

ilpug (author)Pizzapie5002010-12-05

this type of foam works fine for this application. also, spraypaint will sometimes melt the foam.

LordJustice (author)ilpug2010-12-12

Not melt...corrode is the word

Pizzapie500 (author)ilpug2010-12-06

I guess the foam is OK. But how would spray paint melt the foam? Spray paint is freezing cold inside the container (well not freezing, but cold)

ilpug (author)Pizzapie5002010-12-08

it isnt from heat, it is because some kinds of paint have certain chemical combinations that melt foam

Pizzapie500 (author)ilpug2010-12-11

Hmm that's interesting. Do you know what brand does this?

MAVREV13 (author)2010-03-20

hey dude i need help i need to know what stores WILL have Foam Backer Rods because lowes does not nether does homedepo.

quesoman (author)MAVREV132011-01-22

i found some at home depot just search caulk backer rods

hdn_5 (author)2010-03-07

Hey man having trouble with these, is the barrel post that plastic stick thing inside the barrel of the gun?


 Dude wait 1-2 minutes and the dart will be strait:)

hair dryer....

you can also put them in the dryer for about ten minutes. that way you don't have to babysit the darts, using the time to make some more, instead.

mc thumbs (author)hdn_52010-03-19

 dont let them lead you to it

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