How to Make Windows Xp Looks Like Vista


Introduction: How to Make Windows Xp Looks Like Vista

How To Make Windows Xp Look Like Vista

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By hassam

After the successful launch of windows XP, microsoft had set new standard for its operating system 'Windows'. XP was packed with all the features that were needed by an end user for good PC experience. Windows XP when launched, was a great step in enhancing the graphical looks of the windows and gave a better feel graphics wise but at the cost of your computers memory and speed.

Microsoft continued with the idea and gave us yet another operating system with all the features of the previoues windows XP enhanced and integrated into the new Vista system. Although expectations were much high when microsoft announced the launch of their new operating system yet the end users where a bit disappointed with the ways it turned out to be. Yet there are some other people who liked the new look of windows.

One major feature which many consider a draw back in the windows Vista is the heavy graphical interface and the graphically enhanced desktop, which actually puts more load on your PC. It demand more of your PC's performance so at the end of the day you are sacrificing a lot of your PC's memory and speed only to make things look good.


XP or Vista?

This question really depends on the person whom you are asking, typically a professional person who needs a most of his computers speed and performance devoted just fo his professional softwares, no way he is going to opt for Vista. XP is certainly a better option, but still if you want some of the features of the all new windows vista incorporated into the previous version then continue reading below. Else if you are happy with your new Windows Vista package and want the value for your money than I suggest your read thus hub and learn 'How to turn of Vista's Useless Junk and Speed Up Your PC'.


Making XP like Vista

If you have insisted on reading this article further than I guess you must be a great fan of the Windows XP. So here is the deal; you want your desktop to look like Windows Vista's, then all you have to do is get a patch that will do it all for you. Generally there are certain patches available that change the appearance of the desktop, the themes, fonts, animation etc. and make them look like vista.

Currently there are two things that you can do to make your Windows look like vista:

  • Get the Windows Vista Transformation Pack.
  • Or the other thing you can do is do it manually by changing certain dll files of XP with that of Vista.


There are certain precaution that you must take before attempting to change anything:

  • Make sure you are in safe mode before doing anything.
  • If you are doing thing manually make sure you make a back up for all your system files before attempting anything.
  • Make sure you have all the latest graphic drivers.
  • Update your Windows with the latest security patch
  • Save all your documents and close all applications


Windows XP Transformation Pack

This the best option I guess for you if you don't want to play much with your windows setting because it comes with a simple to use installation that will guide you with all the changes you need to make your Windows like Vista.

First of all you can download the pack from the link below:

Windows XP Transformation Pack 8.0.1

Now when you are done with downloading run the setup there are two ways of setting up the transformation:

  • By applying UI Transformation to windows- This type of installation will make your current system look like Vista
  • Integrate Vista Transformation Pack into setup file- It will patch system files with vista resources and install other components after Windows install.

On thing good about the installation is that you can simply uninstall the patch if you don't like your newly pimped system.

Before installing further make sure you read the complete guide to installing the
Transformation, here is the link to the Installation guide:

Vista Transformation Pack

Getting Some Add-ons

After you are done with the transformation get your self a wallpaper for your newly pimped Windows XP and enjoy the Vista experience absolutely free.

You can also search for certain dll files if you wish to do things manually just google the required dll files for fonts, taskbar, welcome screen etc. Although much of you work is done by the patch but if you are the type of guy who would like to play around with things then try this method too, but make sure that you follow the above precautions.



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