How to Make Wire and Beads Flower





Introduction: How to Make Wire and Beads Flower

with wire and beads , make a beautiful flower



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Wow! Thank you so much Halla! Been looking for how to make this beade starlike flower like forever. Thank you so much for sharing. God bless your heart and give you more ideas!

God bless you . Glad you found it easy to make

hope to see yours

i made it very pretty

Happy you find it easy to make

thanks lots for passing by

beautiful - I've been looking for a clear tutorial on how to do this style of beaded flower for ages, and now I have one! thank you!

Glad you found what you were looking for in my post

thanks for passing by

Thanks for your flower ideas. I'm going to make one right now!
Will look forward to any more that you come up with.

Many thanks for your kind comments .

Sure there will be more

i just love ur flower, do u have any more different kinds to show in detail how to do?

yes sure there are many ways to make wire and beads flower
i will submit more
thanks for passing by