this instructable has a lot of pictures, hopefully to help you understand what to do better.  :)

Step 1: The Foot

Step 2: The Tail

Step 3: The Hand

Step 4: The Saddle

Step 5: The Neck

Step 6: The Back of Its Neck

Step 7: Another Piece

Step 8: Another Piece #2

Step 9: The Nose

Step 10: Another Part of the Head

Step 11: Another Part of the Head

Step 12: The Eye

Step 13: Assembling the Pieces

<p>awesome and amazing</p>
Once I get more Legos I will make this.
good job, i like it!
Awesome!!!!!!!!!!!! This is so cool! It looks exactly like Yoshi!
thanks, will you vote for me :)
I might...
I will look over it, thanks. :)
Good, and I'll vote for you.
Tell you what. I will vote for you if you improve your spelling, grammar, and punctuation in your instructable. What separates a good instructable and a bad instructable is spelling and stuff. If you do that, other people will more likely vote for you too.

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