Picture of how to make your bed/dorm room super cool
You have a 50/50 chance of having a lame room.  What you need is to spice up your room with these tips
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Step 1:

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Remeber, your space is 3-D.  Utlize the walls, and the ceiling.  you could hang stuff from the ceiling, or the walls, for example I got a loft and put my computer underneath it to save space.

Step 2: Tech

Picture of tech
teck 1.JPG
What really makes a room cool is if it has some cool tech. for example, you could get a computer, a T.V. (with basic cable) and a Wii, that way, you don't have to leave your room to do other stuff

Step 3: Organization

Picture of organization
orginize 3.JPG
orignzation is key and easy to do.  The simplest thing to do is to build the box o' cords and to use velcro to hold remotes and stuff.

Step 4: Decoration

Picture of decoration
What really makes a room cool is posters, and other decorations. One thing cool to do is make some posters that involve your intrests

Step 5: Go green

Picture of go green
To go green, simply set all of your electronics to max power saving mode and keep stuff you're not using off.  what is also pretty cool is to have some plants growing in your room

Step 6:

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Last but not least you need to have a surprise inside your room.  The trick is to tell people that there's a secret, but don't tell them what- or where- it is.  have fun in your new awsome room!!
korvpall234 years ago
same bed as me and i ahve pc under it too and a 32 inch led tv with a ps3 coz im cool like that lol
rxtrekker4 years ago
hope college teaches you to spell! Nice room though!
mibz man (author) 4 years ago
you know, you don't have to be such a hater all the time. why don't you go try to make a decent instructiable and see how hard it is! it's not very easy!! you can't please everyone, so just keep your mouth shut and be nice!
bowmaster4 years ago
A cool room doesn't have a Wii. You could have the coolest room ever, but if you put a Wii in it, you might as well have the lamest room ever. Because you do.