You have a 50/50 chance of having a lame room.  What you need is to spice up your room with these tips

Step 1:

Remeber, your space is 3-D.  Utlize the walls, and the ceiling.  you could hang stuff from the ceiling, or the walls, for example I got a loft and put my computer underneath it to save space.
same bed as me and i ahve pc under it too and a 32 inch led tv with a ps3 coz im cool like that lol
hope college teaches you to spell! Nice room though!
you know, you don't have to be such a hater all the time. why don't you go try to make a decent instructiable and see how hard it is! it's not very easy!! you can't please everyone, so just keep your mouth shut and be nice!
A cool room doesn't have a Wii. You could have the coolest room ever, but if you put a Wii in it, you might as well have the lamest room ever. Because you do.

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