How to make your leostick compatible with arduino shields

Toby Robb2 years ago
Very good idea. I think many people would like to use some of the shields they already have with the leostick. Would be a great way to add peripherals to a leostick. Especially handy during testing and prototyping.
All the products that lead to you making your shield are open source, that is the Arduino Leonardo, the LeoStick etc. If you don't want to share the files just remove the entire Instructable.
The nerdling (author)  tronixstuff1 year ago
uploaded them, sorry
No worries. You should read a bit more into Open Source -
RedSnertz2 years ago
Looks like the Leostick is the same form factor as a Nano; do they have the same pinout? I've been thinking about whether to find some kind of adapter to let me use shields, or just buy a regular Arduino.

The nerdling (author)  RedSnertz2 years ago
im not sure, if the nano headers are 7 holes across (from generic breadboard), it should fit, im not sure about the pinout though, trace the wires and find out if my adapter will work