Introduction: How to Make Your Leostick Compatible With Arduino Shields

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this is my first time using eagle so...yeah
this is only an experiment, if anyone thinks its worthwhile, comment and i'l send the schematic off to get made.

i have uploaded the v1 .brd file so you can fix it up if anyone wants to

i might add tinned holes for future mods, like leds, pots, or whatever

updated the board to have a power jack, no regulator yet, and Tx, Rx, pin 13, and power leds


Toby Robb (author)2013-01-28

Very good idea. I think many people would like to use some of the shields they already have with the leostick. Would be a great way to add peripherals to a leostick. Especially handy during testing and prototyping.

tronixstuff (author)2013-11-26

All the products that lead to you making your shield are open source, that is the Arduino Leonardo, the LeoStick etc. If you don't want to share the files just remove the entire Instructable.

The nerdling (author)tronixstuff2013-11-26

uploaded them, sorry

tronixstuff (author)The nerdling2013-11-26

No worries. You should read a bit more into Open Source -

RedSnertz (author)2013-01-31

Looks like the Leostick is the same form factor as a Nano; do they have the same pinout? I've been thinking about whether to find some kind of adapter to let me use shields, or just buy a regular Arduino.

The nerdling (author)RedSnertz2013-01-31

im not sure, if the nano headers are 7 holes across (from generic breadboard), it should fit, im not sure about the pinout though, trace the wires and find out if my adapter will work

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